Careers in Anthropology

Graduates in the field of anthropology may work as teachers, writers, researchers, and museum curators, or they may choose to work in private industry, government, health care, law, foreign service, economics, law enforcement, social development, or heritage preservation. A degree in anthropology, such as a B.A. or the advanced postgraduate degrees such as M.A. or Ph.D., provides knowledge and experience useful for many different career choices.

Some anthropologists work for large multinational corporations, where they specialize in understanding the different ways in which people around the world do their business. Or they may work in developing countries as consultants to government agencies, helping people and nations adapt to changing economic and social conditions. Anthropologists also may work as professional archeologists, who dig sites to protect them from damage due to erosion or construction activities. Many anthropologists enjoy working as university and community college teachers and researchers.

Only anthropology teaches us about the enormous diversity in humanity yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

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