Human Paleoecology and Archaeometry Laboratory

         Human Paleoecology and Archaeometry Laboratory

The Human Paleoecology and Archaeometry Laboratory is a new facility located in Edmund J. Cain Hall Room 204. This lab is equipped to address research related to isotope geochemistry, radiocarbon dating, microscopy, geoarchaeology, soil and sediment analysis, GIS-based spatial analyses and geostatistics, pXRF-based geochemical assessment, and obsidian hydration rind measurement. 

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The lab currently has the capabilities to process organic materials, carbonates, and and bone collagen to be submitted for stable isotopic testing and radiocarbon dating. In conjunction with the Desert Research Institute, we are also developing our capability to perform starch residue analysis. Prospective graduate students interested in related research questions and the methodologies used in this lab are encouraged to contact Dr. Christopher Jazwa or Dr. Christopher Morgan.

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Current Projects

Settlement Patterns on California's Northern Channel Islands