Haden Kingrey

Graduate Student
Haden Kingrey


Current status: M.A. in Progress

M.A. thesis title: Residue Analysis of Early Holocene Groundstone from the Little Steamboat Point-1 Rockshelter (35HA3735), Warner Valley, OR

Haden Kingrey is a second year M.A. student and a graduate research assistant for the Great Basin Paleoindian Research Unit. His thesis research focuses on early Holocene Great Basin diets by conducting protein residue analysis and starch grain analysis on groundstone tools. Before attending the University of Nevada, Reno, he received his B.S. in anthropology and history from the University of Oregon, where he studied the peopling of the Americas, lithic technology, ceramic analysis and curation practices with the Northern Great Basin Prehistoric Project and the Island and Coastal Archaeology Lab. After graduating, he was an archaeology technician for the Museum of Natural and Cultural History in Eugene, Oregon. In that role, he did field and lab work on archaeological projects throughout the state of Oregon.

Academic interests

  • Lithic technology
  • Groundstones
  • Starch grain analysis
  • Protein analysis
  • Great Basin archaeology
  • Human subsistence patterns
  • Paleoethnobotany

Selected publications

  • 2020 Donham, Megan, Richard Rosencrance, Katelyn McDonough, Haden Kingrey, and Dennis L. Jenkins. Debitage Analysis of Younger Dryas Occupations at the Connley Caves and the Identification of New Toolstone in the Fort Rock Basin, Oregon. Current Archaeological Happenings in Oregon 45(3):7-13.
  • 2017 Kraan, Claudia, Amy Victoria, Scott M. Fitzpatrick, Taylor Dodrill, Maggie Gebhardt, Paul Gerard, Haden Kingrey, Natasha Minugh, Martin Nelson- Harrington, and Mark Rempel. New Archaeological Research on Curacao. The Journal of Island Coastal Archaeology 12(1):138-144.


  • B.S., history and anthropology, University of Oregon, 2019