Improper activity

Campus Audit accepts reports of perceived incidences of waste, fraud, or abuse of University of Nevada, Reno programs and financial operations. This may include the report of suspected financial misconduct, ethical abuse and/or acts of dishonesty by a University employee, management, supplier or contractor. Campus Audit will review and process each concern. This may or may not result in an investigation or review.

The purpose of this reporting line is to offer a line of communication for the University community. This includes staff, faculty and students. Our goal is to improve the workplace culture where needed and support and create an ethical environment.

Campus Audit is an independent function within the University and maintains confidentiality of the information shared. If you wish to remain anonymous, there is an option to do so when completing the report.

Please provide enough detailed information, including the names of the parties involved, for an investigation. The more complete information that is provided the greater chance of resolution.

This reporting line is not an emergency line. Do not use this site to report any immediate threat to life or property.

File an improper activity form

If the nature of the suspected improper activity is not of a misappropriation or financial nature please see the following list of contacts that identifies alternative resources that may be more appropriate to serve your needs.

Police Services


Student conduct

Bias and hate incident reporting

Research compliance