Silver Core Curriculum Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Pre-2016 and Silver Core Curricula and Classes

What are the major differences between the Pre-2016 and Silver Core Curricula?
View this table to compare the Pre-2016 and Silver Core Curriculum requirements.

Can a student opt to mix and match requirements from both the Pre-2016 and Silver Core Curricula?
No.  Your catalog year determines which Core Curriculum you will follow, and you cannot mix and match the requirements between the two Core Curriculums.  

If a class previously met Diversity and Fine Arts (e.g., DAN 266), but no longer meets these requirements by the time a student graduates, will the student need to take additional Diversity and Fine Arts classes?
UNR courses that had a designation in the Pre-2016 Core Curriculum will retain that designation until 2025 (unless the department requests removal of the designation), to allow students with catalog years prior to 2016 to complete the program requirements as described in their catalog.

Will classes formerly listed as meeting Diversity still be counted as Diversity or only as Silver CO10?
Previously approved Core Diversity courses will continue to fulfill the Diversity requirement in the Pre-2016 Core.  Those that were approved for Silver CO10 and/or CO11 will fulfill those requirements, and some were applied to the Pre-2016 Core Diversity requirement as well. 

Will classes continue to be added to the Silver Core Curriculum after August 2016?
Departments may continue to request Silver Core designation as part of the New Course or Course Change Proposal process in Curriculog.  If approved, these courses will be added to the course lists in the Core Curriculum section of the catalog.

Will there now be two sets of Core Curriculum requirements in the old and new catalogs?
Catalogs prior to 2016-17 will continue to include the Pre-2016 Core requirements.  Beginning with the 2016-2017 edition, catalogs will include only the Silver Core requirements.

For classes that now meet a Core requirement in both the Pre-2016 Core and the Silver Core, will they show as fulfilling the requirement in the student's Academic Advising Report, or will they require a substitution request? 
Admissions and Records will be adding both Pre-2016 and Silver Core designations to courses as appropriate.  2016-2017 Academic Advising Reports (AAR) will include the Silver Core requirements.  If a Core course does not articulate as it should in the degree audit, please contact Admissions and Records.

Will a list of courses that no longer meet a Core Curriculum designation be created?
Yes, a list will be created and will be posted on the Core Curriculum website when completed.

Transfer Students

If a student transfers with an AA, AS, or AB degree from another NSHE institution, what Silver Core requirements must they complete at UNR?
A student who transfers with a completed NSHE AA, AS, or AB degree will have Veins I and II (Silver Core General Education Requirements) of the Silver Core waived.  This does not include waiver of any Core courses that are required by the major program.

If a student transfers with completed IGETC, CSU Breadth, an AA-T or AS-T degree from California OR an AAOT or ASOT from Oregon OR Texas Common Core, what Silver Core requirements must they complete at UNR?
If completion documentation of any of the above has been received by Admissions and Records, Silver Veins I and II (Silver Core General Education) requirements will be waived, except ENG 102 and CO8 (Constitution).  This does not include waiver of any Core courses required by the major program.  All transfer agreements are subject to catalog policy found in the General Catalog, 3.1 Admission Information.

If a student takes an NSHE commonly numbered course at TMCC that has Silver Core designation at UNR, will it satisfy the Silver Core requirement at UNR? 
If the course has a Silver Core designation at UNR, it will satisfy this requirement whether taken here or at TMCC. 

Who will be responsible for updating the General Education/Core Curriculum classes on the transfer agreements?
Transfer agreements are updated by Admissions and Records.  Transfer courses that have a direct equivalent at UNR will satisfy the same Pre-2016 Core or Silver Core requirements as the UNR course.  

If a student transfers from TMCC with an AA degree, are they eligible for a catalog year from their time at TMCC, even though they are now pursuing a baccalaureate degree?
The default catalog year given to all students upon admission to UNR is the matriculation term.  However, NSHE transfer students may elect to graduate under the course catalog of the year of enrollment in a baccalaureate level program at an NSHE community college (valid transfer contract may be required).  The catalog year used may not be more than 10 years old at the time of graduation.  Advisors may contact the Office of Admissions and Records to request an adjustment of catalog year for any transfer student.  After a review of the student's transcript to verify the first term in which the student completed coursework required for the baccalaureate program, Admissions and Records will update the student's record.

Returning UNR Students

Are students who return to UNR after 2016 subject to the Silver Core Curriculum requirements?
Students who entered a major program at UNR prior to Summer 2016 may keep their original catalog year after a break in enrollment, provided they return to the same major program, and the catalog used is not over 10 years old.