Battle of the Brains

2018 Battle Date:  Sunday, April 8

Location:  Pennington Student Achievement Center, Room 113

Team Registration:  1:15pm   Program Start:  2:00pm

Each year in April, our pre-health student associations and clubs come together for a head-to-head match-up on who will be crowned, "Most Well-Rounded" Pre-Health Student Organization.  With bragging rights for the year and a trophy, our winning team is also perpetually awarded on the University Advising Center's wall plaque. 

2018 Competing Teams:

  • AMSA
  • Pre Physician Assistant Club
  • MEDLife
  • Alpha Epsilon Delta
  • The Nevada Pre-Dental Society
  • Phi Delta Epsilon (our reigning champions!) 
  • TBA - registration closes on March 1


Much like a game of jeopardy, ten category topics with 10 questions will be used.  These will be divided into two rounds.  Each club will be allowed to select up to 6 members to be part of their team.  For each round, 3 members will be allowed to assist each other in answering the category questions.  At the end of each round, a preliminary score will be tabulated.  At the end of the second round, each team's cumulative scores will be totalled.  The team with the highest combined scores will be the winner.


During the day of the competition on April 8, we encourage teams to come dressed in their club's attire, and arrive at least 30-45 minutes early to sign in, get your name badges and take a group picture.  Teams that arrive early will be able to get situated inside the classroom to pick their table and place whatever table runners/club posters/logos up.  We will begin promptly at 2pm with your team's first 3 members to compete against the other teams on the first five categories.   We will rotate to your next 3 members for the second round of questions during our 20 minute break and resume the competition.

If you do not have 6 members who are competing, you can always use the same members for both rounds provided that you have a minimum of 3 from your team to compete.   We do discourage you using the same 3 members for the next round if you do have 6 members total.  Do encourage non-playing members from your club to come out to the event and support your team on.  They can also "play from the sidelines" and we will give individual prizes to anyone on your sideline that scores higher than any other "sideline players."

These were the categories we used last year..... stay tune for your 2018 categories! 


1.  Bioethics

2.  Book Sequences / Series

3.  Global Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

4.  Orgo Hacks - The Wonderful World of Organic Chemistry

5.  The Decade:  1960

6.  Ode to Life and Death:  Song Lines (Title & Name of Artist)

7.  Anthropology

8.  Etiquette and Social Niceties

9.  University of Nevada, Reno

10.  Mystery Category

2018 CATEGORY COUNTDOWN - Coming Soon!! 

For more information on the Battle, or if your pre-health club is interested in participating, please contact:   Grace Cardenas-Leal, Pre-Professional Advisor:  775-784-4684