Academic and Career Exploration (ACE) Courses

ACE 100: Academic and Career ExplorationStudents Studying on Campus

ACE 100 is designed to help you transition to college life and to assist with major and career exploration at the university. The course is a 1-credit, 6-week elective course offered each Fall semester that is aimed toward undecided first-semester freshmen.

Students are exposed to various majors across the campus and have the opportunity to meet with representatives from each of the colleges, schools, and divisions on the university campus. The course also includes self-assessments to identify interests as they relate to academic majors and potential careers.

ACE 210: Academic and Career Decision-Making

ACE 210 is designed for second semester freshman and sophomore students who are undecided about their major. This may be someone who started college as undecided or a student who declared a major but does not feel fully committed to their choice.

ACE 210 is a 1-credit, 6-week elective course that will allow the student to learn about multiple academic programs including majors, minors, and certificate programs. Academic and career options are explored based on formal self- assessment inventories and a variety of career-related resources. Resources will include websites, readings, and people. Representatives from all of the university's colleges, schools and divisions will meet with the students during class time and explain the academic programs they offer.

Class discussions and assignments will include how to best prepare for "life beyond the bachelor's degree" by understanding the type of education and experience that is needed to pursue graduate and professional schools an/or career opportunities.

By the end of the class, the student will have developed a decision-based action to be used as a guide in attaining desired educational and career goals.

ACE 210 Sample Syllabus