Questions to ask yourself

Questions to ask yourself:

  1. What are your interests and skills?
  2. Which subjects have you enjoyed the most in high school? The least?
  3. What do you view as being your academic strengths? Weaknesses?
  4. Do you think you will enjoy the courses you will be required to take to complete the major(s) you are considering?
  5. Are there any specific requirements a student must meet/complete before they can declare this major (for example, completion of specific courses, a GPA requirement, etc.)?
  6. What courses should I be taking in high school to best prepare myself for this major?
  7. Are there opportunities for internships, undergraduate research, study abroad, etc. associated with this major?
  8. What kinds of jobs do students who graduate with this major typically pursue?
  9. Is this major designed to prepare students for advanced study (for example, medical school, dental school, law school, etc.) or a particular career?