Myths and Realities of Choosing a Major

What do you actually need to worry about?

It's better to declare a major, any major, than to be "undecided".
Actually, you are often ahead of the game by exploring your options early (while you are a freshman) and making an educated choice regarding a major.
It is important to choose the correct major because it will determine your career path.
Your major can prepare you for a wide range of jobs. Some majors are directly related to a job (nursing, accounting, engineering), but the majority of college degrees can prepare you for many career paths.
My college education will guarantee I will have a high-paying job after I graduate.
Your college education is extremely important but to be competitive in the job market or graduate school you will need to complement your education with experience through participation in clubs and organizations, internships, volunteering, work and research.
I have several interests and you are telling me that I must select one. Choosing one major means I have to give up my other interests!
No! You can always supplement a major with one or more minors in other areas. Or, you can choose your other interests through hobbies, lifestyle and clubs and organizations.
When making my decision about a major, I need to make sure that my parents or guardians agree with my choice.
This is a choice for you to make. You are the one who will live with the decision. It is often helpful to talk about your ideas with others, parents included. Ultimately, this is your education and you need to take ownership of your decision.