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The Innevation Center

The Innevation Center: A Catalyst for Regional Enterprise

Welcome to The Innevation Center—a synergistic, collaborative space to stimulate the creation and incubation of start-ups and accelerate the growth of the knowledge-driven economy of our region.

The Innevation Center is designed to empower Nevada’s next generation of economic leaders by igniting the creative and entrepreneurial spirits in University of Nevada, Reno students, faculty, community creatives, makers, economic developers, and emerging global tech companies.

Anyone in the community can become a member—entrepreneurs, start-up companies and creatives—with privileges to the makerspaces, conference rooms, special events, co-working and networking opportunities.

We are open—free of charge—to all University current students, faculty and staff.

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The Innevation Center

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Expertise & Infrastructure

The Innevation Center Makerspace
The Innevation Center will provide access to the University’s research infrastructure, fundamental and applied research portfolio, and our expertise in:

  • Art
  • Biosciences and drug-discovery
  • Business management
  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Technology

Members will also be able to interface with the Nevada Center for Applied Research.


The Innevation Center Collab Space
We are home to several industry-forward initiatives that highlight the University’s commitment to regional economic development.

NCET Tech Awards Logo

2017 EDAWN Award for Best Entrepreneurial Hub


Our dynamic hub of innovation and commercialization is centrally located at 450 Sinclair Street. We are approximately:

  • 1 mile from our sponsoring, world-class research institution, the University of Nevada, Reno
  • 3 miles from the Reno-Tahoe International airport
  • 2 hour drive from Sacramento
  • 4 hour drive from Silicon Valley
  • 1 hour flight to San Francisco or Silicon Valley by commercial jet

Contact Us

The Innevation Center (University Mail Stop 0724)

450 Sinclair Street

Reno, Nevada 89501

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