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Emergency Information

Emergency Information

In cases of inclement weather or other emergencies that would necessitate a change in class schedules and campus operations, please check the University home page for important, ongoing updates or changes. Information and updates may also be administered through campus-wide text alerts and email notifications, the University’s Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as via local news outlets.

For the Media

Contact the Communications Department at or see Media Advisories & Statements.

Contact Information & Useful Phone Numbers


  • University Police: 911 - Emergency
    o Dispatch (Non-Emergency): (775) 334-COPS (2677)
    o Main Office (Mon.-Fri.8 a.m.-5 p.m.): (775) 784-4013
    o Duty Officer (24-hour) (775) 745-6195
  • Reno Police Department: Non-Emergency Dispatch: (775) 334-2121
  • Sparks Police: Non-Emergency Dispatch: (775) 353-2231

Medical Emergencies & Personal Injury

Personal Safety

  • Campus Escort Service: (775) 742-6808
    Provides transportation within 2 mile radius of campus, to residence halls and parking lots via van or shuttle.
  • Crisis Call Center: (775) 784-8090 or (800) 992-5757
    Crisis situations including sexual assault

Automotive Emergencies

Counseling Services

Natural Disasters

Spills and Other Environmental Hazards

Facility, Power & Electrical Emergencies

  • Facilities Services: (775) 784-8020
    Broken pipes, hazards, etc. Staff on-call evenings and weekends

Network, Computer & Phone Emergencies

Other Resources