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Emergency Alerts

Emergency Alerts

Emergency Text and Email Messaging System

The University of Nevada, Reno offers an emergency messaging system, Emergency Alerts, available to faculty, staff and students.

The program sends a text and/or email message to all enrolled cell phones and email accounts in the event of an emergency at the University. The system is only used during an emergency or unexpected closing of the University.

About the service

As part of the University of Nevada, Reno’s emergency preparedness planning, the University’s students, faculty and staff can receive emergency text and email message alerts in addition to traditional methods of notification. The University employs text and email messaging as another technological solution for communicating swiftly and effectively with our campus community in the event of an extreme emergency on campus.

In addition to a validation message when you sign up for the service, you will receive a test message at least once per semester to ensure that the service is working as expected. The University will only use the service to send emergency/life-threatening or unexpected campus closure alerts.

Available to all students, faculty and staff

All students, faculty and staff are encouraged to sign up for this messaging service, called Emergency Alerts. Users who elect this option and provide contact information may be assured that all of the information provided is private and will not be shared (see privacy policy). A valid University of Nevada, Reno NetID is required to access this service. Parents, contractors and other non-NetID users can sign up manually by contacting University Police Services at (775) 784-4013.

The program sends a text and/or email message alert to all enrolled cell phones in the event of an emergency at the University. The system is only used during a safety emergency or unexpected closing of the University.

You must opt-in to this service

Students are not automatically entered into the system and also must register. All participants need to update cell numbers and email addresses manually if their contact information changes. This is an opt-in service that requires biennial renewal. At the end of two years you will be sent a message requesting an extension of your enrollment. If you do not respond within 30 days you will be dropped from the alerts system.

The service is provided at no additional fee from the University. Participants may need to pay for incoming text messages as part of their regular phone plan. Use of Emergency Alerts is rare as they are activated only in emergency situations.

Campus Emergency Alerts

In order to continue improving the wide range of communication platforms available for your safety, an emergency alert banner message application is installed on all University-owned computers. The application is designed to scroll an emergency message across the bottom of campus computer screens -similar to a "breaking news" banner on many television stations. This application may be installed manually on any other computer.

More information

As with all methods of emergency communication, it is important to remember that Emergency Alerts is just one of the many ways that the University contacts its campus community when an extreme emergency occurs on our campus.

Emergency Alerts complements emergency communications and University closure notifications already in place, including campus-wide emergency email, the University’s website, reverse 911 and communications with the local print and electronic media.