Inclement weather

For up-to-the minute information about a University closing or delayed start due to weather

Although such occurrences are rare, severe weather conditions sometimes require the University of Nevada, Reno to close campus operations and delay or cancel classes in order to protect public health and secure the campus. In the event the University must do so, the public and campus community should check for notifications and updates on the University’s home page. Information and updates may also be administered through campus-wide text alerts and email notifications, the University’s Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as via local news outlets. Notification may also be relayed through established administrative channels. That is the president’s office notifies the executive vice president and provost and vice presidents; they notify the deans and other equivalent administrators; the deans/administrators will notify the departments in their college/school/unit.

For more information the full policy is available online to review in detail.

Personnel Information

There is a provision in the state personnel rules that allows the “appointing authority” to grant administrative leave with pay to classified staff due to a natural disaster or other similar adverse condition. Only the president or provost can authorize such leave.

Those employees who work in positions that are designated as “essential services” are expected to work their normal shifts when the campus is closed. For those employees who are not expected to work due to prearranged vacation time or those who are out on sick leave due to illness, must charge the time off to either annual or sick leave as planned.

If you have any questions about how inclement weather may impact your work area, please see your supervisor. If you find yourself in a situation that appears to warrant administrative leave, you should work through appropriate administrative channels (supervisor to department chair or director to the dean or equivalent administrator through the vice president) for resolution.