Inclement weather policy and procedures

This policy establishes campus closure procedures during inclement weather and is applicable to all faculty, classified staff, students, student employees and vendors.

Policy statement

The decision to close the main campus and/or satellite campuses is vested with the President or designee(s). With guidance from media reports, law enforcement agencies and other emergency personnel, the decision to close a campus will be made under conditions that may pose serious health and/or safety hazards to campus constituents. The primary criterion for closing the campuses will be known conditions of the campuses and the immediate environment. No individual school or department may implement an independent campus closing decision. Redfield Campus will follow Truckee Meadows Community College operations in the event of delays or closing due to inclement weather.

The University President has the authority to make campus closure decisions independent of city, county and state officials. Closures in the case of inclement weather also include the cancellation of off-campus activities in the Reno-Sparks area, however the campus closure may not necessarily affect athletic events on campus. Independent policies and procedures for cancelling off campus events and activities may be determined by the college, school or department. This includes community based services such as clinics, athletics and fine art performances.

It is the responsibility of employees to work with their supervisors, and students to work with their instructors to make arrangements if an absence is warranted due to driving or walking conditions. Faculty and supervisors are encouraged to be flexible and make reasonable accommodation when appropriate, which can include working from home, rescheduling tests, and academic project due dates.

In the event of a delay or closure, it is a best practice to have the Joe Crowley Student Union close one hour after campus and to open one hour before the campus. This allows personnel a safe, sheltered place to await transportation or to arrive to prepare for campus opening.

It is recognized that some facilities, such as the E. L. Wiegand Fitness Center, Pennington Student Achievement Center, Mathewson IGT Knowledge Center, etc. take approximately one hour to secure the facility after closure to the public. This will not be considered a violation of policy but should be accomplished as soon as possible to ensure the safety of all personnel.

Traditionally in inclement weather, Campus Escort receives high requests for service. Campus Escort program will coordinate closely with Police Services to ensure safe driving conditions. When a decision to shut down services is made during normal hours of operation, Police Services will use the mass warning and notification system to send an all campus email indicating to check website for further information on services.


Storm tracking

3-5 Days in advance of possible event, Police Services will begin monitoring weather and send National Weather Service forecasts to Issues Management Team

24 hours in advance of predicted weather event

As needed, Vice President of Administration and Finance, in conjunction with the Organizational Resilience Manager, will send out notice of 4:45am teleconference to discuss campus status to the following personnel:

  • Vice President of Administration and Finance
  • Vice President for Student Services
  • Associate Vice President, Facilities Services
  • Assistant Vice President, Police Services
  • Executive Director of Marketing Communications
  • Vice President Health Sciences/Dean, School of Medicine
  • Organizational Resilience Manager

Day of weather event

By 4:30 a.m. or when conditions are determined to be deteriorated, University Police Services will make report to Assistant Vice President, Police Services:

  • Any accumulation of snow and/or ice that is making campus hazardous
  • Consult with National Weather Service, Nevada Dept of Transportation and Nevada Highway Patrol regarding weather forecast and road conditions.

Midday and Weekend closures will follow same procedures as conditions present throughout the day

4:45 a.m.

  • University Police Services will initiate teleconference as administrator using the Issues Management Bridge line.
  • All other personnel, including the President, will dial into teleconference as participants at 4:45 a.m.

5:00 a.m.

  • Executive Director of Marketing Communications. If teleconference takes place: Send campus wide email, notify news media, post messaging on social media and update the University’s homepage on website and alert Board of Regents.
  • Assistant Vice President, Police Services. Send e2Campus notification to announce a delay/closure only.
  • Vice President for Student Services. Inform Joe Crowley Student Union, E. L. Wiegand Fitness Center, Mathewson IGT Knowledge Center and Pennington Student Achievement Center of status of campus and make appropriate opening & closing decisions for staff and personnel on campus/arriving to campus depending on weather conditions.