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Courses in Entrepreneurship

The following list of courses are available in entrepreneurship. For the latest class schedules, visit MyNEVADA.

  • ENT 401/601: New Venture Creation
    Exploring the process of new venture creation, including opportunity recognition, determining feasibility, planning, securing capital, and team building. Assesses and develops entrepreneurial capacities.
  • ENT 402/602: Entrepreneurial Finance
    Exploring financial issues facing entrepreneurs, including stages of financing, cash flow, sources of funds, valuation, legal issues, strategic positioning, and exit strategies.
  • ENT 403/603: Applied Entrepreneurship
    Planning a business venture, including identifying the opportunity and market potentials, analyzing feasibility, articulating business functions, delineating risks and rewards.
  • ENT 489/689: Entrepreneurship Internship
    Internship with a business firm or organization providing practical experience and exposure to applied entrepreneurship problems.
  • ENT 493/693: Special Topics in Entrepreneurship
    Study of selected topics in entrepreneurship.

Information on the Entrepreneurship Courses for Wintermester and Spring 2014 Semester


For the undergraduate Entrepreneurship Minor, Applied Entrepreneurship, ENT 403, is required and offered in the Spring Semester.  ENT 401 and ENT 402 are pre-requisites for ENT 403.  If you do not have both of these pre-requisites, you may be able to get a waiver by contacting the advisor, Professor Mark Pingle, at

Undergraduate students who are working on a business should consider taking the Entrepreneurship Jumpstart Course, ENT 493, during the Wintermester.    Another good course offered during Wintermester is the Economics of Patent Law, ECON 493, and this course will be accepted for the Entrepreneurship Minor. 

Graduate students who are working on a business should also consider taking the Entrepreneurship Jumpstart Course, ENT 693, during the Wintermester.  Also, the Economics of Patent Law, ECON 493, will be available during the Wintermester and is suitable for the MBA Area of Emphasis.  MBA students seeking an Area of Emphasis in Entrepreneurship can also take Value Creation and Measurement, BADM 794, during the Spring Semester, or take ENT 603, Applied Entrepreneurship. 

If you cannot sign up online for the course you want, go to and fill out the form.  The form will be forwarded to the appropriate person and you may well be able to get enrolled into the course you desire.   


ENT 493/693  Special Topics in Entrepreneurship:  Entrepreneurial Jumpstart
Description:  Students with business ideas participate in a process designed to iteratively evaluate and develop the idea, while developing the entrepreneurial capacities of the student in the process.
Instructors:  Rod Hosilyk and Matt Westfield
Location: Redfield Campus:  Room TBA
Friday, Jan 10           5:30-10:00PM
Saturday, July 11     9:00AM-6:00PM
Sunday, July 12       9:00AM-6:00PM
Friday, July 17          5:30-10:00PM
Saturday, July 18     9:00AM-6:00PM
Sunday, July 19       9:00AM-6:00PM

ECON 493/693  Special Topics in Economics: The Economics of Patent Law
Description:  This is a law and economics course which will examine how firms use patent law as a form of competition.  The course will begin with the basics of patent law and the economic purpose of the patent statute. The course will then examine how firms compete using patent infringement actions and proceedings before the International Trade Commission, and the interface of these enforcement actions with antitrust law. The course will derive examples from the current "smartphone wars" and will examine recent cases such as Apple v. Samsung.
Instructor:  Lila Glaser
Location: FH 219
Dates:  December 31-January 17
Time(s):  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 1:00PM-5:00PM 


ENT 403/603 Applied Entrepreneurship
Description:  Planning a business venture, including identifying the opportunity and market potentials, analyzing feasibility, articulating business functions, delineating risks and rewards
Instructor:  Gary Valiere
Location: WRB 2024
Time(s):  Wednesday 7:00PM-9:45

ENT 493/693 Special Topics in Entrepreneurship:  Entrepreneurial Marketing
Description:  Learn and apply marketing concepts and strategies especially useful for startups.  Emphasis is placed upon the distinctions between marketing in an entrepreneurial environment versus the classic marketing approaches in a larger corporate environment.  In particular, there will be a focus on how to achieve maximum market development results with very limited marketing resources
Instructor:  Chris Howard
Location: WRB 2025
Time(s):  Tuesday 7:00PM-9:4

BADM 794 Value Creation and Measurement
Description:  Identifying and measuring value in the corporate environment and the study of strategies useful in the development of enterprise value.
Instructor:  Chris Howard
Location: AB 107
Time(s):  Thursday 7:00PM-9:45

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