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Committee Opportunities

Balloon over RenoJoin The Committee

All committee members have the opportunity to serve on one or more sub-committees (described below), help design the year’s pin, sell pins and drawing tickets, participate in Great Reno Balloon Race Events (eg., pilot party, crewing for the University sponsored balloon, staffing the balloon pin display at the hospitality tent on event days), and participate in committee pot-luck dinner for pilot.


  • Scholarship: This sub-committee reviews applications for eligibility and selects 2 recipients for awards.
  • Pins/Drawing Tickets: This sub-committee distributes pins and drawing tickets to sellers, keeps accounting of how many sold, collects monies, and sells pins and drawing tickets.
  • Donations/Drawings: This sub-committee solicits drawing prizes from area companies and other donors, and sends letters for requests. Also holds drawing the Wednesday before the GRBR and sends thank-you letters and certificates to donors. Delivers drawing prizes not claimed at drawing.
  • Publicity: This sub-committee advertises the committee, scholarship recipients and pins/drawings through Nevada News, flyers, etc.
  • Pilot’s Party: This sub-committee organizes the pot-luck pilot party – secures location, food list of committee, pilot gift and decorations.
  • Hospitality Tent: This sub-committee sets up the University reserved booth each race day, secures enough food and drink from committee members for race days, staffs booth and pin display, and gives out any scholarship information at race days.
  • Website:   This sub-committee develops, maintains, and updates the Balloon Race Scholarship Committee webpage with current and past information.   

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