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Sarah E. Cowie

Cowie Profile

Assistant Professor, Anthropology
Ph.D. University of Arizona
Ansari Business, Room 507
(775) 682-7524

Specializations and Research Interests

Historical archaeology of the American West and Southeast, social theory, power relations, structure and agency, landscapes, archaeology of working communities, industrial archaeology, cultural resource management (CRM), decolonizing methods and collaborative archaeology.

Ongoing Research

  • Collaborative archaeology, developing recommendations for improved tribal-federal relations regarding heritage consultation.
  • Historical and industrial archaeology in Virginia City, Nevada.
  • Publishing previous field projects from the southeastern U.S. on industrial archaeology of water-powered grist mills, and indigenous historical archaeology.


  • ANTH 202 Archaeology
  • ANTH 442a/642a Historical Archaeology
  • ANTH 442b/642b Industrial Archaeology
  • ANTH705 Graduate Seminar in Archaeology and Prehistory

Selected External Awards

  • 2012 Historic Preservation Fund, National Park Service. Early Virginia City: Archaeology of Religion, Institution, and Industry.
  • 2011 Survey of Early Sites Associated with Virginia City, Nevada (Comstock Archaeology). Nevada State Historic Preservation Office. Sarah Cowie (Principle Investigator) and Steven Holm (Field Director).
  • 2011 Proposal development grant, Army Research Office/Applied Research Associates. To support a Study of Tribal-Federal Relations Regarding Heritage Management, in Preparation for YIP Proposal Development.
  • 2009 Hunt Postdoctoral Fellowship, Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research. Eight-month fellowship to support writing of a book manuscript.
  • 2003 Dissertation Research Award. Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research. To support research and writing on Fayette, Michigan.

Peer-Reviewed Publications


Cowie, Sarah E.
2011 The Plurality of Power: An Archaeology of Industrial Capitalism. New York: Springer.


Cowie, Sarah E., Christopher C. LeBlanc, Mary M. Farrell, and Nicholas C. Laluk
2008 Multivocality in the Forest: A New Approach to Tribal Relations on the Coronado National Forest, Arizona. Arizona Anthropologist 19:1-16.

Faulker, Charles T., Sarah E. Cowie, Patrick E. Martin, C. Shane Mayes, and Sharon Patton
2000 Archaeological Evidence of Parasitic Infection from the 19th Century Company Town of Fayette, Michigan. Journal of Parasitology 86(4): 846-849.

Book reviews

  • 2009 Book review of Archaeology as Political Action, by Randall H. McGuire. University of California Press, Berkeley, 2008. Historical Archaeology 43(4):142-143.
  • 2008 Book review of The Archaeology of Collective Action, by Dean J. Saitta. University Press of Florida, Gainsville, 2007. Historical Archaeology 42 (2):202-203.
  • 2003 Book review of Feasts: Archaeological and Ethnographic Perspectives on Food, Politics, and Power, edited by Michael Dietler and Brian Hayden. Smithsonian Institution Press, Washington, DC, 2001. Historical Archaeology 37(4):121-2.
  • 1998 Book review of Culture Change and the New Technology: An Archaeology of the New Industrial Era, by Paul A. Shackel. Plenium Press New York; 1996. Historical Archaeology, 32(2).
  • 1995 Book Review of the three volume set of archaeological investigations at Harpers Ferry, West VA, National Park Service. Edited by Paul Shackel and Jill Halchin. Journal for the Society of Industrial Archaeology, 21(2).

Selected Technical Reports and Monographs

  • 2005 (Sarah E. Cowie, Laura S. Bergstresser, Nancy E. Pearson, and Susan J. Wells) Guidelines for Archeological Recording and Evaluation of Abandoned Mining Properties. Publications in Anthropology 89. Western Archeological and Conservation Center, National Park Service, Tucson, Arizona. 240 pp.
  • 2001 Early Nineteenth Century Evidence of the Creek Square Ground Plan: Phase II Archaeological Testing and Limited Phase III Data Recovery of the Ochillee Creek Site. Southern Research, Columbus, Georgia. 135 pp. + appendices.
  • 2000 Early Settlement and Industry in Georgia and Alabama: Phase II Testing at Five Historic Sites on Fort Benning, Georgia. Southern Research, Columbus, Georgia. 179 pp. + appendices.
  • 2000 (Sarah E. Cowie, Rita Folse Elliott, and Debra J. Wells) A Reconnaissance Survey of Selected Historic House Sites in the Lower Valley, Ida Cason Callaway Foundation, Inc., Pine Mountain, Georgia. Southern Research, Columbus, Georgia. 113 pp. + appendices.
  • 1999 (Sarah E. Cowie, Rita Folse Elliott and George Price) An Archaeological Survey of the Augusta Canal Headgates Area, Columbia County, Georgia. Southern Research, Columbus, Georgia. 61 pp. + appendices.
  • 1999 (Sarah E. Cowie Rita Folse Elliott, and George Price) Archaeological Survey and Testing of the Bartram Trail Tract, Columbia County, Georgia. Southern Research, Columbus, Georgia. 104 pp. + appendices.
  • 1999 An Archaeological Survey for the Proposed Oxbow Marina, Muscogee County, Georgia. Southern Research, Columbus, Georgia. 49 pp. + appendices.
  • 1998 Archaeological Data Recovery of Sites 9Ck1043 and 9Ck1045, Proposed S.R. Reinhardt College Parkway Expansion, Cherokee County, Georgia. Southern Research, Columbus, Georgia. 63pp. 

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