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Christopher Morgan

Chris Morgan

Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology
Graduate Program Director
Faculty, Ecology, Evolution & Conservation Biology

Ph.D., University of California, Davis 2006
Ansari Business Building Room 513
(775) 682-8992


Hunter-gatherer archaeology, human and behavioral ecology, lithic technology, GIS, paleoenvironmental reconstruction, cultural resource management, quantitative methods


My research focuses on the hunter-gatherer archaeology of the American West and East Asia, with an emphasis on behavioral adaptations to high-altitude, desert and other marginal environments. I am particularly interested in the ways mobility, storage and settlement patterns relate to paleoenvironmental change and the evolution of different degrees of hunter-gatherer sociocultural complexity. In the America West, I study the spread of Numic-speaking peoples across and beyond the Great Basin, the evolution of Archaic lifeways, and the different ways hunter-gatherers in the region exploited mountain environments. In East Asia, I focus on more fundamental evolutionary questions: Lower to Upper Paleolithic transitions, the arrival or evolution of modern humans and human behavior in the region, and the forager to farmer sequence between the Yellow and Wei rivers.

I am currently working on an ongoing, multi-year research project focused on intensive, high-altitude residential use of Wyoming’s Wind River Range and on tracking the Upper Paleolithic-Neolithic transition in North China.

Results of my research are available on ResearchGate and on  I am also part of a collaborative group of American and Chinese scholars interested in Quaternary climate change and human behavioral evolution.

I am always looking for graduate students with a strong undergraduate education and experience in archaeology. If you are interested in these or other related research topics and would like to pursue either a Master’s or Ph.D. at UNR, please contact me and be sure to visit our graduate program webpages in the appropriate embedded hyperlinks above.


  • Anth 202 Archaeology
  • Anth 440a/640a Archaeology of North America
  • Anth 441A/641A Archaeology of the Old World
  • Anth 443/643 Environmental Archaeology
  • Anth 448a/648a Field School in Archaeology
  • Anth 455/655 Archaeological Theory
  • Anth 493R/693R Research Design & Quantitative Methods
  • Anth 706 Seminar in Anthropological Problems: GIS and Archaeology
  • Anth 706 Seminar in Anthropological Problems: Geoarchaeology
  • Anth 706 Seminar in Anthropological Problems: Prehistoric Economies

Selected Publications

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