TRiO Services

TRiO students in tutoring lab

Students enrolled in the TRiO Scholars Program are eligible for the following services:

Personal & Academic Counseling 

Each TRiO scholar plans for his or her academic success with an academic specialist. In a friendly and caring environment, scholars learn to make the academic system work for them by identifying areas needing improvement and by using project and campus services to reach their academic goals. Scholars team with staff members to coordinate assistance from other resources on campus.

  • Managing your academic life
  • Using campus resources
  • Improving your ability to learn
  • Adjusting to your learning style
  • Managing time and money
  • Refining study skills
  • Solving college problems

Study Skills

Study skills offered through the program focus on developing learning skills that maximize one's strengths and minimize one's weaknesses in the context of one's learning style. Study skills are presented in a one-on-one or small group format.

  • Time management
  • Organizational skills
  • Note taking
  • Test preparation
  • Memorization
  • Textbook reading


As a part of their academic success strategies, scholars work with trained tutors who provide up to three hours per week of individual tutoring in most lower division courses. Requesting tutors early in the semester will improve chances of getting a tutor.

  • Coaching for courses
  • One-on-one sessions
  • Group study sessions

Use of Computer Lab

TRiO students may use the TRiO Scholars Program computer lab to do homework and improve computer skills. They can use on-line financial aid applications and other computer software.

  • Writing assignments
  • Computer assignments
  • Computer workshops
  • Internet and email access

Graduate Study Preparation

Scholars who are considering graduate study can explore this option with the program counselor. In addition to deciding whether to go to graduate school, scholars learn how to prepare, how to apply, and how to find funding.

Davis Opportunity Grant Awards & *TRiO Grants

Research shows that college students who are eligible for need-based federal financial aid are more likely to graduate when they take advantage of the TRiO Scholars Program AND receive more financial aid in the form of grants.

A new U.S. Department of Education grant program provides funds for Pell Grant recipients who participate in the TRiO Scholars Program. The goal of these grants is to help reduce students' unmet need and/or loans so they are more inclined to stay in school and graduate.

*TRiO Grants are provided by the U.S. Department of Education.

  • Direct grant financial aid for TRiO Scholars Program participants only
  • Grants range from $250 - $2000
  • Must be enrolled in the TRiO Scholars Program and satisfy participation requirements each semester, as outlined in the Student Contract
  • Must be receiving a Pell Grant
  • Must be a full-time Nevada resident for Davis Opportunity Grants
  • Must have unmet need and/or loans

Wells Fargo Scholarship

The University of Nevada, Reno TRiO Scholars Program has partnered with Wells Fargo Bank to award deserving students. Students seeking this award must be nominated by the TRiO Scholars Program and be first generation, TRiO eligible college students to receive this 3,500 annual scholarship. Other criteria in applying for and keeping the scholarship include:

  •  Graduate of an accredited Nevada high school
  •  Minimum 20 ACT/ or concordant SAT score
  •  Must  display financial need and  file for a FAFSA annually
  •  Must complete the University Scholarship Application in MyNevada by Feb 1st of each year
  •  Must be a full time student taking at least 30 credits per year
  •  Maintain a 3.00 GPA for duration of time at the university
  •  Complete 10hrs a month / 40hrs a semester of volunteer service as determined by the TRiO Scholars Program
  •  Renewable for an additional three years provided GPA and credit requirements are met
  •  Failure to participate in TRiO or in a volunteer experience will lead to forfeiting the scholarship
  •  Recipients must attend an annual luncheon sponsored by Wells Fargo Bank in honor of this scholarship and submit an annual thank you letter.