TRiO student resources

TRiO contract

All TRiO participants are required to complete a Semester Contract. As a program participant, we ask that you make a commitment to yourself and to us in order that you may fully benefit from the services we have to offer. In this contract, you will set some tangible goals for yourself with the expectation that these goals will be met by the end of the semester.

TRiO needs assessment

All TRiO participants are required to complete a Needs Assessment form with their respective TRiO coach. Through this Needs Assessment, participants will understand, in detail, what the program offers and determine some of their specific needs for that current semester. The Needs Assessment form will also help guide participants as they complete their semester contracts.

TRiO contract reflection

At the end of the semester, all participants are asked to reflect on the goals they set for themselves via their Semester Contracts. This reflection is an opportunity to gauge how successful students were in achieving their stated goals. All participants who wish to be considered for funding must complete this reflection.

Program evaluation

All non-graduating seniors are asked to provide our staff with feedback about their TRiO experience for a particular semester. Our program evaluation was created to give students an opportunity to provide this valuable feedback crucial to our staff. Program participants are asked to evaluation their experiences, as well as working with mentors, tutors and the overall programming during the semester.

Senior exit survey

All graduating seniors are asked to provide one final evaluation of their experience with our TRiO programs. This evaluation is a culmination of all their experiences as program participants. Graduates are also asked about their post-graduation plans.

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Scholarships can help students pay for some of their cost of attendance. Winning a scholarship provides students with more than just some financial security – it helps created a mindset of self-sufficiency. Program participants are encouraged to take advantage of scholarship opportunities which relate directly to them.

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