TRiO Students with Books

TRiO Mission Statement:

Our mission is to assist low-income, first generation students to overcome the cultural, academic, class, and social barriers to success in higher education.

TRiO Core Values:

  • We are fierce advocates for social justice, especially for the poor among us
  • We are the safety net for our most vulnerable students
  • We pursue professional excellence in the work we do with our students and our colleagues
  • We embrace integrity in our work with students, our work with the university, and our work with our funding agency
  • We are respectful of our diverse student population, their needs, and their cultural heritage
  • We seek harmony in our work life in order to focus our energy on helping students succeed
  • We are resilient, determined, and focused on achieving our mission
  • We do more with less through collaboration and pooled strengths
  • We are humble, realizing that the success of each student is shared across the campus
  • We are joyful in our work
  • We are awed by the potential of our students to change the world