One-on-one and small group training

The University has transitioned to online course delivery. We are now offering one-on-one and small group training and consultation via Zoom, upon request.

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Notice: All of our face-to-face workshops have been canceled as we maintain social distancing. Some workshops are being held virtually via Zoom. Feel free to sign up for sessions using the links below, and if a course has been rescheduled as a Zoom session, the facilitator will send you an email and a link to access the workshop online.

Workshop and training registration is accessed through out online sign-up system. You will be asked to enter your NetID and password. Once logged in, you may select as many workshops as you want by clicking the "Add to Cart" links. Once you are ready, click any of the checkout links on the workshops you have selected or choose the "Check Out" link at the top of the screen.

You may sign-up for workshops using a web form that provides a high-contrast, fully-accessible option on our TLT training page.

Faculty development programs

The Instructional Design Team offers faculty development programs in teaching and learning. These programs go deeper than individual workshops and trainings to promote faculty knowledge and encourage innovative practice in teaching. Completion of programs is rewarded with a certificate of achievement. Current offerings include the Teaching with Technology Certificate program and the Online Instructor Certificate program.

Contact or use the link below to learn more about available faculty development programs.

Current training offerings

Basic web accessibility training

Learn why and how to create accessible web-based materials. This workshop will overview the need for accessible content, current regulations related to accessibility and tips for providing an equitable experience for all users.

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Or register for a scheduled 1-hour instructor-guided session:

Creating accessible office documents

1 hour

This is hands-on follow-up to Basic Web Accessibility Training for people who create content via Microsoft Office, PowerPoint, Excel and Publisher. Is your course content in WebCampus accessible? In this workshop, you will learn how to create or convert Microsoft Office documents (i.e., Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Publisher) into accessible formats.

Accessible files in WebCampus: Hands-on with Ally

1 hour

Curious about how Ally works and how to make your course more accessible? Come to the hands-on Ally training to learn about features for faculty and students. After an overview, time is alloted for guidance as you work on examples from your specific course materials.

Audacity: Audio editing for instruction

1 hour

Learn an easy (and free to use) tool for recording and editing audio clips for slide narration, listening assignments, feedback to students, effective instructions and ehnahced discussion. Come away with best-practice mthods for presenting and organizing audio in courses to make your teaching experience easy, your content accessible and your students happy. 

PDF remediation for accessibility

2 hours

Learn how to use Adobe Acrobat Pro to check PDFs and remediate for accessibility. This 2-hour course will cover the basics of setting up accessibility tools and views, performing accessibility checks and remediating potential problems by tagging documents to ensure proper readflow and reading order, structuring tables and lists, adding alternative test for images and more.

WebCampus basics

2 hours

Learn the basics of WebCampus, the University's online learning management system. This interactive workshop will utilize hands-on practice to introduce you to the basic elements of WebCampus.

Managing grades in WebCampus

1 hour

This is an overview of the Gradebook in WebCapus. This workshop will help you understand the workflow of instructor grading and how to use SpeedGrader, provide feedback to students, and organize the Gradebook. You will also learn about how to important export CSV files to the Gradebook.

Deterring plagiarism with Turnitin

1 hour

This course will introduce strategies for designing assignments and for using Turnitin to deter plagiarism.

Inclusive instruction with Universal Design for Learning

1 hour

Introduction to Universal Design for Learning (UDL) as a set of guidelines and strategies for creating more inclusive instruction.