Teaching & Learning Technologies

Teaching resources for online course delivery

With the coronavirus continuing to spread, the University has officially transitioned classes to online delivery. TLT is here to help. Find resources related to effective online course delivery and class management in an online delivery scenario.

Teaching resources

Teaching & Learning Technologies

Teaching & Learning Technologies (TLT) provides support for instructional design, instructional technologies, such as WebCampus and the technology found in the University's classrooms.

Instructional Design Team

The Instructional Design Team provides support, training, resources and consultation in course design and development, effective instruction, faculty development, instructional technology, accessibility and the University's WebCampus Learning Management System.

Phone: (775) 682-6798
Email: idt@unr.edu

Classroom Technology Team

The Classroom Technology Team is responsible for designing, installing and maintaining the technology in all of the classrooms, lecture halls and seminar rooms on campus. The Classroom Technology Team will also provide user training for any of these spaces.

Phone: (775) 784-6085
Email: classroom@unr.edu