21st Century Mission

One of the primary goals of the University of Nevada, Reno is to improve lives of citizens of Nevada through exploration and engagement with a 21st century approach to the land-grant mission. The University is focused on building a collaborative academic and research environment that enables its vision of producing world-improving discoveries and fostering innovation and commercialization. In close partnership with the local, regional, and state economic development organizations, the University is implementing a shared goal of achieving economic diversity and prosperity in northern Nevada.

The University is an engine of economic development with annual expenditures exceeding $500 million. With over 4,250 employees, the University is the second largest employer in the region. Expenditures from all grants and contracts exceeded $100 million in fiscal year 2014 with an additional $85 million being provided by the federal government in the form of student financial aid. In the past year, the University launched 3 new start-up companies and is fostering development of more in the private sector. From 2007 to 2013, $500 million in new construction has been completed on campus, and an additional $154 million of construction projects are in the works, with construction expenditures injecting jobs and revenue into the region's economy.