Theme 2-Discovery: Create new knowledge through basic and applied research, scholarship, and artistry in strategically selected fields that affect Nevada, the nation, and the world.

Goal 1: Enhance the quality, value, and range of the University’s research and artistry. Attain classification as a “Carnegie Research University/Very High."

  • Enhance grant-writing and technical writing support and management for faculty and students through additional training and resources.
  • Align teaching loads with discipline-specific standards at peer and aspirant research universities.
  • Encourage commercialization of intellectual property and facilitate partnerships with the private sector.
  • Add faculty members who are funded primarily from research contracts and grants.
  • Increase the number of graduate teaching and research assistant lines in PhD-granting programs.
  • Increase the number of endowed professorships and chairs.
Goal 1 Metrics20142021
Research expenditures $98 Million $150 Million
Patents Issues/$10 Million in research expenditures 16 32
New start-up companies 3 10
Graduate research assistantships 371 450
Research (non-tenure track) faculty supported grants 61 75
Postdoctoral scholars 82 100
Endowed professorships and chairs 33 55

Goal 2: Invest in disciplinary and interdisciplinary research areas that build upon existing strength and that are responsive to emerging needs and opportunities, with emphasis on the following:

  • Advanced autonomous systems
  • Agriculture
  • Communication and creative expression
  • Computational sciences/digital visual arts, science, and technology
  • Cyber security
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Environmental Studies: Environmental Science/Society and Environment
  • Global Studies
  • Great Basin Studies
  • Health Sciences/Biosciences/Wellness/Nutrition
  • Integrated Earth Systems: Earth sciences and engineering; mineral resources; reclamation, historical preservation, policy
  • Neuroscience
  • P-20 Education
  • Renewable energy
  • Social Justice
Goal 2 Metrics20142021
Total new faculty hires in priority areas 39 250
National/international awards and honorifics received by faculty 155 185
Refereed publications 731 850

Goal 3: Strength infrastructure required to support-world-class discovery, scholarship, and creativity.

  • Build, renovate, and sustain research and performance facilities in order to increase research/artistic productivity and efficiency.
  • Provide access to High-Performance Computing resources necessary to support computational research.
  • Expand use of shared technical equipment.
  • Create a research and commercialization foundation.
  • Add administrative and technical support positions needed to accommodate growth and translate discovery into innovation and knowledge.
  • Reinstate the faculty PC replacement program.
Goal 3 Metrics20142021
Begin construction on Engineering Building Planning
Add an additional Fine Arts Building Planning
Renovate Palmer, Scrugham/Chemistry/Leifson labs Planning
Addition of administrative and technical support positions 596 763
Square footage of research and artistry space 434,000 532,000
Equipment grants $1.7 Million $3.5 Million
Establish a research foundation No Yes

Goal 4: Revise rules, policies, and procedures to more effectively promote research, artistry, and entrepreneurial activities.

  • Streamline procedures and processes in order to increase efficiency and reduce roadblocks to proposal development.
  • Minimize the need for paper in all university business.
  • Review existing procedures, improve what can be improved under current rules, request needed changes to existing rules and laws as appropriate.
  • Encourage and reward collaborative work, while reducing disincentives, in all of its manifestations across all dimensions of the institution.
Goal 4 Metrics20142021
Paperless transactions TBD 90%
Grant proposals submitted 888 1,060
Success rate of proposal submissions 28% 40%