Theme 3–Engagement: Strengthen the social, economic, and environmental well-being of people by engaging Nevada citizens, communities, and governments.

Goal 1: Develop and adopt a unified concept and vision for the University’s public engagement and land-grant mission.

  • Recognize and highlight the public engagement of faculty across resident instruction, research, and Extension.
  • Develop University-wide mechanisms to promote interconnections across all forms or types of engagement without introducing new centralized structures.
  • Develop enhanced strategic partnerships between on-campus education programs and community-based Extension and outreach.
Goal 1 Metrics20142021
Adopt a broad and inclusive definition of land-grant engagement at the University Report by June 30, 2015
Create additional awards for community engagement Report by June 30, 2015
Implementation of an annual engagement report Report by June 30, 2015
Develop a mechanism for tracking partnerships between on-campus education programs and community based programs Report by June 30, 2015
Develop a mechanism for tracking collaborations with University alumni Report by June 30, 2015
Recognize community engagement in tenure and promotion Report by June 30, 2015

Goal 2:
Work in concert with government and industry to diversify and develop Nevada’s economy and communities.

  • Identify and pursue opportunities to support the economic plan of the State of Nevada.
  • Encourage community focused university-county-city-state partnerships across all engagement entities and cross-entity collaboration to enhance the value of university resources for Nevadans.
  • Establish environments that promote synergistic interactions between faculty and students and the community.
  • Promote revitalization of downtown Reno through joint planning and collaboration with the City, the Regional Transportation Commission, and other partners.
Goal 2 Metrics20142021
Sponsored research projects that align with Nevada economic plan 401 500
Contract expenditures for instruction and public service $29 million $40 million
Established programs in “Innovation Center” Under way Completed
Faculty with state appointments 8 20
Businesses consulted for service learning 110 130
SBDC companies served 1,334 1,500

Goal 3:
Improve mental and physical health and quality of life for Nevada’s diverse and growing population.

  • Forge partnerships with public and private hospitals, healthcare institutions, and community agencies to enhance medical and health professional education throughout the State of Nevada.
  • Expand graduate medical education.
  • Expand community and state partnerships in public health, including county health departments and districts, state agencies, and public health laboratories to enhance public health practice and education.
  • Develop special areas of expertise and focused training programs that will enhance Nevada’s economic and social development as well as the health and quality-of-life of Nevada communities and counties.
  • Provide preventative outreach programs that encourage good health and nutrition.
Goal 3 Metrics20142021
Formal partnerships with hospitals 21 24
Establish a full 4-year school of medicine in Reno Planning Complete
Accreditation for a Master and PhD of Public Health 2 MS 4 MS + PhD
Clients served through clinical services 344,195 500,000
Graduate Medical Education residencies and fellowships 362 758
Nursing and clinical psychology graduate students 134 150

Goal 4:
Provide access to informal and formal learning and services for citizens of all cultural backgrounds, ages, abilities, and locations.

  • Increase student participation in service-learning classes.
  • Increase youth and adult experiential learning through programs such as 4-H and Master Gardeners.
  • Use technology for workshops, seminars, and other outreach activities to serve Nevada businesses, agencies, and institutions.
  • Incentivize faculty to participate in community-based and service-learning education programs.
  • Use satellite facilities to offer existing and new educational and outreach programs.
  • Assist communities in emergency and disaster preparedness through programs such as the Great Nevada Shake-Out, Living With Fire, and Nevada Flood Awareness Week.
Goal 4 Metrics20142021
Students participating in Service Learning 868 1,050
Children participating in 4‐H 65,434 80,000
Participation in statewide disaster preparedness programs 90 100
Educational offerings at Redfield Campus 11 15
Formal partnerships with regional businesses, nonprofit, and government sectors. 104 150

Goal 5:
Work with school districts to improve college readiness of high-school graduates.

  • Actively engage with K-12 programs to improve college readiness.
  • Use online delivery to provide dual-credit courses to qualified high school students.
  • Establish and lead statewide initiative to implement UTeach model of secondary STEM teacher education.
  • Provide programs to develop early childhood literacy and school preparedness for Pre-K to grade 3 children.
  • Prepare youth for college readiness through experiential, classroom, and outside-the-classroom youth education and 4-H programs.
Goal 5 Metrics20142021
Washoe County high school graduates prepared to enroll in college-level Math and English
  • M = 68%
  • E = 86%
  • M = 80%
  • E = 95%
High school students completing dual-credit courses. 65,434 80
Students pursuing UTeach teacher certification 0 100
Dean's Future Scholars 350 450

Goal 6:
Provide lectures, exhibits, performances, and athletic events that enrich the cultural fabric of the community and expose young minds to the world of possibilities in academics, the arts and culture, and athletics.

  • Attract student and community members to University productions in the visual and performing arts that highlight our talented students and faculty.
  • Attract student and community members to attend University NCAA events.
  • Provide musical, cultural, and sport programs (e.g., Jazz Festival and summer sports camps) for children and adults.
  • Present world-class scholars, thinkers, and performers.
  • Provide county-based community outreach activities statewide.
Goal 6 Metrics20142021
Attendance at visual and performing-arts events 37,800 45,000
Attendance at athletic events 273,000 325,000
Participation in festivals and camps 9,316 11,100
Participation in Cooperative Extension community engagement outreach activities by county 350 450