Theme 1–Learning: Prepare graduates to compete globally through high-quality undergraduate and graduate degree programs in the liberal arts, sciences, and selected professional programs.

Goal 1: Provide high-quality undergraduate degree programs taught by a diverse, well-qualified faculty who continually improve the curriculum through assessment and innovation.

  • Grow faculty primarily through hiring tenure-track faculty with outstanding scholarly and teaching credentials.
  • Fully implement the Silver Core Curriculum.
  • Establish and evaluate Student Learning Outcomes for all courses.
  • Promote a culture of experiential learning, including research, internships, performances, and regional and national competitions.
  • Systematically review and improve existing degree programs.
Goal 1 Metrics20142021
New tenure-faculty lines 42 300
Student: faculty ratio 21.6 18.1
Classes w/ ≤ 19 students 19% 25%
Undergraduate degree programs aligned with Silver Core Curriculum 0% 100%
Undergraduate participation in research 217 400
Diversity of academic faculty 21% 25%
Percent of programs on track with program review 84% 100%

Goal 2: Recruit a high-achieving, diverse student body and provide access and a clear path to graduation.

  • Maintain academic standards and credentials of students.
  • Provide scholarships to academically meritorious students including those with financial need.
  • Increase the diversity of the student body.
  • Move from emerging Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI ) to a designated HSI.
  • Provide intensive academic orientation for entering freshmen.
  • Implement “15 to Finish” NSHE initiative.
  • Provide University housing and facilities that promote a culture of learning and a sense of community.
  • Develop and implement the “Pack Promise” to provide a strategic guide toward timely graduation.
Goal 2 Metrics20142021
Fall-to-Fall freshmen retention 82% 88%
6-year graduation rate 54.8% 60.8%
National Merit, Achievement, Hispanic 49 60
National Hispanic Scholars 4 50
Freshman class with ACT ≥ 26 25% 35%
Student participation in NevadaFIT 340 1000
Diversity of undergraduate student body 36% 45%
Average student credit load 13.2 14
Professional advisor: student ratio 871:1 500:1

Goal 3: Provide high-quality graduate programs taught by research-active faculty.

  • Increase the number of graduate teaching and research assistantships.
  • Provide stipends that are nationally competitive.
  • Strategically develop new Ph.D. programs.
  • Increase diversity of graduate students.
  • Revise policies and procedures to reduce time-to-completion while maintaining high standards.
Goal 3 Metrics20142021
Graduate Teaching Assistant lines 476 700
Graduate Teaching Assistant stipend $15,500 Peer Median
PhD enrollment 789 1,000
PhD 6-year completion rate 42.9% 500%
Diversity of graduate students 21% 25%
Master's enrollment 1,580 1,890

Goal 4: Offer a broad array of choices for instructional format, location, and schedule, including study-abroad opportunities.

  • Redesign selected undergraduate and graduate courses for alternative delivery modes following best practices at peer and aspirant institutions.
  • Provide incentives for faculty to demonstrate and implement innovative instructional designs, including online and hybrid models.
  • Recruit and retain leading-edge instructional design staff.
  • Improve healthfulness of food available on campus.
  • Evaluate comprehensively the feasibility of a trimester calendar as a means of reducing time to graduation and increasing utilization of university resources.
  • Create and support a tobacco - free campus.
Goal 4 Metrics20142021
Online course offered 182 225
Online degree programs 5 10
Online FTEs 1,547 1,850
Credit-bearing courses offered at satellite locations 155 185
Undergraduate students who participate in studies abroad 11% 15%
Report on feasibility of trimester by June 30, 2016

Goal 5: Prepare students for personal and professional success, to be informed global citizens, and to pursue healthy lifestyles.

  • Provide career counseling that helps students identify rewarding employment.
  • Emphasize continuous reinforcement of writing practice.
  • Emphasize the balance of body, mind, and spirit.
  • Improve healthfulness of food available on campus.
  • Promote participation in study-abroad and community engagement programs.
  • Create and support a tobacco-free campus.
  • Sustain an engaged campus characterized by active student clubs and organizations.
Goal 5 Metrics20142021
Employment rate one year after graduation 90% 95%
Complete construction of E.L. Wiegand Fitness Center Planning Complete 2016
Establish writing in disciplines program Fall 2016
Tobacco-free campus Fall 2015