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Read a message from the Dean

A message from the Dean

These last few days have been incredibly heartbreaking and sad. The pain is real. Communities of color have been feeling the pressure on their collective necks for years — and to watch the life choked out of a man who could have been our son, husband, brother or father has angered, saddened, confused and devastated many of us. All while we are sheltering from a global pandemic that has also impacted the communities of color disproportionately. As social workers we know how real systemic racism is. As social workers and more importantly as compassionate human beings, let’s do our part to take the pressure of the collective neck of the communities of color by standing up against systemic racism. Let’s use our collective voices (while we can breath) to show our peaceful solidarity. I am in communication with USSWA and the student advisory board and we are working to set up a Zoom conversation about the topic soon. We will share that information as we finalize it. I hope we can all show more kindness, love, compassion and solidarity for our neighbors, friends, colleagues and fellow students during these trying times.

Please stay safe and well,


Shadi S. Martin, PhD, MSW, MPA/HSA, MA
Founding Dean & Professor

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