About the Simulation Lab

The University of Nevada Clinical Simulation Lab is jointly operated by the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine and the Orvis School of Nursing. The lab is actually three labs housed in the Pennington Health Science building on the University of Nevada Reno campus. Each of the three labs is separated by a shared control room where we can simultaneously run three simulations at one time with our three SimMan3G patient simulators. In addition to our three SimMan3G patient simulators, we also have Harvey, a cardio-pulmonary sound simulator, SimMom, a birthing simulator and SimBaby, a simulator that emulates a six-month old infant, as well as, a variety of clinical task trainers. To learn more about our simulators, click on the links below.

Our labs utilize state-of-the-art video and audio recording systems so any or our simulation encounters may be recorded and used in debriefing sessions at a later date or can be streamed live to either our multipurpose rooms attached to the labs or to any other classrooms on campus. Each of the three labs is designed to be as realistic representation of a clinical environment as possible. 

Polices and procedures

For a copy of our policies and procedures manual, please contact Kelly Farley at dkfarley@unr.edu.