Past presidents

Marc Johnson wearing a blue suit and blue tie standing in front of the Clark Administration Building with ivy hanging from the brick building.

Marc Johnson

16th president

Milton Glick wearing a blue suit, shirt and tie smiling at the camera

Milt Glick

15th president

John Lilley wearing a suit and tie, seated while looking at the camera

John Lilley

14th president

Black and white image of Joe Crowley wearing a suit and standing in his office with a desk in the background

Joe Crowley

13th president

Black and white image of Max Milam seated in his office wearing glasses in a suit and holding a pipe to his mouth.

Max Milam

12th president

Black and white headshot of N. Edd Miller

N. Edd Miller

11th president

Black and white image of Charles Armstrong wearing a suit and resting his hands on a chair with a bookcase behind him

Charles Armstrong

10th president

Black and white headshot of Minard W. Stout

Minard W. Stout

9th president

Black and white image of Arthur K. Bourne (left), University President Malcolm Love (center), and Mrs. Alberta Bourne (right) stand in front of the donated Buick Aerocar car and the Zephyr trailer

Malcolm A. Love

8th president

Black and white image of John Moseley dressed in academic attire shaking the hands of a gentleman carrying papers and a hat

John O. Moseley

7th president

Black and white headshot of Leon W. Hartman, who is wearing a suit and round glasses.

Leon W. Hartman

6th president

Black and white headshot of Walter Clark

Walter Clark

5th president

Black and white headshot of Archer Hendrick

Archer Hendrick

4th president

Joseph Stubbs wears a suit and bow tie and sits in his office at the University of Nevada, Reno

Joseph Stubbs

3rd president

Black and white image of Stephen Jones, wearing a suit and sitting in his office, with a desk piled with papers behind him.

Stephen Jones

2nd president

Black and white headshot of LeRoy Brown who has a large beard and is wearing a suit.

Leroy Brown

1st president