Political Science internships

Political science is a broad and inclusive discipline. Students have many avenues to consider, but with guidance from the department's faculty and staff, they can be successful in their pursuit of a degree, as well as any career path after graduation. Internships are a great way to get extra in-the-field experience.

Some political scientists are psychological researchers who want to understand why people behave the way they do politically. Others seek to know the whys and wherefores of judicial processes and constitutional issues. Other political scientists are intellectual historians and social critics who are interested in the quest for the good of society. Some are statistical theorists and specialists in surveying political attitudes. Some investigate the causes of war and the conditions for peace among nations.

All political scientists share a common interest: the public arena of human society, the uses of power and persuasion, and the ideas which shape it. Explore some of the political science internship opportunities available to students to help identify career goals.

Public Service internship

The public service internship program offers interested and qualified students at the undergraduate and graduate level, the opportunity to earn three-six credits while serving as an intern at public, nonprofit or approved private organizations in the community. While serving as an intern, students gain invaluable experience in and exposure to the day‐to‐day working environment of a host organization. Opportunities exist at both the domestic and international policy levels. In addition, internship positions are available in various state‐level campaign offices.

It is possible to carry an internship position over from one semester to another. Although a few internships are paid, most are voluntary. The student typically works in his/her assigned or selected organization for six to 12 hours per week depending on the number of credits a student wishes to earn.

Students must contact the faculty member with whom they are working at the end of each month. A final evaluation of the student's internship experience is due when the internship is completed.

Interested students should contact Professor John Marini for more information.

Graduate Public Service internship

The Political Science Department's public service internship, PSC 690F, is offered every semester as well as during the summer; students may register for one-six credits. Unlike many internships, graduate students receive letter grades for their participation. Three credits of PSC 690F may be counted toward the degree program.

This is a wonderful opportunity for graduate students. A public service internship allows students to work with one of many government or not-for-profit public service organizations in the Washoe County area. Many students participating in the program have found that doing so helped them define their career objectives more clearly while also preparing them for professional life. Many local organizations specifically need and want graduate students with special skills (like budget analysis or legal research). A number of graduate students who have participated in the program have found their experiences extremely helpful to their employment prospects in the local area.

Interested students should visit the Political Science Department's main office and consult the internship directory, which lists and describes all of the organizations with which the department has established internship programs.

Interested students should contact Professor John Marini for more information.

Congressional Internship Program

Students can earn three-six credits, while obtaining practical experience in the legislative process, by serving as an intern in one of Nevada's Senate or House congressional offices in Washington, D.C. Students must obtain the internship through the congressional office, not the Political Science Department.

Prerequisite: Nine political science credits, including PSC 304, or examination.

Legislative Internship Program

Gain first-hand experience in the inner workings of Nevada government. Earn three or six university credits and the experience of a lifetime. The duration of the internship is from mid‐January until the end of the semester during the legislative session.

This internship is available to juniors, seniors and graduate students. Interested students should make sure that they have completed PSC 304 or PSC 308 by fall of the year. A GPA of 3.0 is preferred. Fill out and submit the legislative internship application. Three faculty references and one letter of recommendation are required.

Internship applications are due mid-November.

Interested students should contact Associate Professor Robert Dickens for more information.