Political titans discuss historic campaign and election

Political titans discuss historic campaign and election

The Reynolds School of Journalism and Center for Advanced Media Studies will host Republican campaign strategist Sig Rogich and former U.S. Sen. Richard Bryan, D-Nev., as they deliver insightful commentary about the historic campaign season at the second Jim Joyce Endowment in Political Communications at 7 p.m. Feb. 10 at the Joe Crowley Student Union theater.

"This event encourages students and the community to participate in analysis of the inner workings of politics and media, which both fascinated and inspired my father's lifelong career," said Robin Joyce, chair of the Jim Joyce Endowment in Political Communications and chair of the Reynolds School Dean's Council.

Jim Joyce changed Nevada's political landscape. During his 20-year career, the Reynolds School graduate managed campaigns for some 300 candidates. He lost fewer than 30.

"This is a remarkable opportunity to hear from two experienced, knowledgeable, and nationally-recognized political forces," said Jerry Ceppos, Reynolds School dean. "Also, these men have deep roots in University life. Rogich is a former editor of The Nevada Sagebrush and Bryan served as ASUN president."

Rogich and Bryan have extensive involvement in Nevada and national politics.

Rogich spent 12 years in Republican-administered White Houses, under Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush. Bryan served Nevada first as attorney general and then governor. In 1984, he was elected to represent Nevada in the U.S. Senate.

"We hope that this event helps students and members of the community appreciate Nevada's rich and enduring legacy of political influence and media education and experience," Joyce said. "The Reynolds School is integral to training journalists to cover political milestones, none more important in decades than the most recent election."

Attending the 2009 event will be journalists Jon Ralston and Anjeanette Damon, who - along with Frank Fahrenkopf Jr. - were featured panelists at the first Jim Joyce Endowment in Political Communications.

"These are topical and timely discussions about issues that intrigue us," Joyce said. "Last February, we looked at the impact of debates on the presidential nomination process. Our guests spoke to the power of persuasion and import of debates, yet we could not have known how right they would be.

"Now we will look at how the candidates, political parties, strategists and staffs performed and how the public reacted," Joyce said. "The result of the election is only the most obvious outcome. What's more fascinating is a behind-the-scenes examination that Rogich and Bryan are uniquely qualified to lead."

The Reynolds School of Journalism is Nevada's only accredited journalism school.

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