National Geographic to feature student in documentary

National Geographic to feature student in documentary

The National Geographic Channel will feature Wendy Orr, a University of Nevada, Reno graduate student, in a one-hour documentary on Canyonlands National Park that will air this spring.

Orr, a research assistant in Mackay School's Department of Geological Sciences and Engineering, found the experience to be incredibly unique.

“It was very surreal,” said Orr, who graduates with a master’s degree this spring in geology from the College of Science.

The documentary shows Orr presenting her case that Upheaval Dome is an impact crater formed as a result of a meteorite impact event. Orr credits the University for helping her get to this point in her career.

“I’ve really been given the opportunity to question science and think for myself and really take things to the next level,” Orr said. “I haven’t got that experience anywhere else until I came here.”

Orr plans on entering the applied geology field and to work on either getting more oil or sources for energy or help with foundations of buildings. She may teach one day as well. She explains her experience with National geographic as a fun selling point for a future job.

“I don’t think it adds anything to my technical background but it’s a fun thing to add on my resume and will definitely catch people’s attention,” Orr said.

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