Core personnel

Administrative Core

  • Michael Webster, Director and Principal Investigator
  • Leann Kumataka, Program Manager
  • Ramona Houmanfar, Assessment

Neuroimaging Core

  • Lars Strother, Director
  • Sean O'Neil, Technical Manager

Cellular and Molecular Imaging Core

  • Alexander van der Linden, Director

Virtual and Augmented Reality Interaction Core

  • Eelke Folmer, Director

Project leaders

Project leaders

  • Mihye Ahn, Mathematics and Statistics
  • Fang Jiang, Psychology
  • Paul MacNeilage, Psychology
  • Dennis Mathew, Biology
  • Jenny Ouyang, Biology

Previous project leaders

  • Alexander Van der Linden, Biology
  • Alex Keene, Biology, relocated to another university
  • Marian Berryhill, Psychology
  • Gideon Caplovitz, Psychology
  • Xiaoshan Zhu, Elec. Eng.
  • David Feil-Seifer, Computer Science
  • Pedro Miura, Biology, applying for T&P this year
  • Yong Zhang, Biology

Pilot projects

  • Mark Lescroart, Psychology
  • Nicholas Murray, Community Health Sciences
  • Josette El Zaklit, Electrical and Biolmedical Engineering

Previous pilot projects

  • Fang Jiang, Psychology
  • Jennifer Hoy, Biology
  • Pedro Miura, Biology
  • Jenny Ouyang, Psychology
  • Simon Pieraut, Biology
  • Jacqueline Snow, Psychology
  • Lars Strother, Psychology

External Advisory Committee

  • Geoff Boynton, Psychology, University of Washington
  • Branch Coslett, Neurology, University of Pennsylvania
  • David Field, Psychology, Cornell University
  • Chris Li, Biology, City University of New York
  • Mark McCourt, Psychology, North Dakota State University