Principal Investigator and Director
Michael A. Webster, Psychology: Cognitive and Brain Sciences and Biomedical Engineering

Core Personnel
Core A: Administrative
Leann Kumataka, Administrative Assistant
Ramona Houmanfar, Assessment, Psychology: Behavior Analysis

Core B: Neuroimaging
Lars Strother, Psychology, Director
Sean O'Neil, Research Manager

Core D: Cellular and Molecular Imaging Core
Alexander van der Linden, Biology, Director

Core E: Virtual and Augmented Reality Interaction Core
Eelke Folmer, Computer Science, Director

Project Leaders
Mihye Ahn, Statistics
Fang Jiang, Psychology
Paul MacNeilage, Psychology
Dennis Mathew, Biology
Jenny Ouyang, Biology

Pilot Projects
Jennifer Hoy, Biology
Simon Pieraut, Biology

Graduated Project Leaders
Marian Berryhill, Psychology
Gideon Caplovitz, Psychology
David Feil-Seifer, Computer Science
Fang Jiang, Psychology
Alexander van der Linden, Biology
Pedro Miura, Biology
Jacqueline Snow, Psychology
Lars Strother, Psychology
Yong Zhang, Biology
Xiaoshan Zhu, Electrical and Biomedical Engineering

Internal Advisory Committee
Chris von Bartheld, Physiology and Cell Biology
James Kenyon, Physiology and Cell Biology
Grant Mastick, Biology
Kent Sanders, Physiology and Cell Biology

External Advisory Committee
Geoff Boynton, Psychology, University of Washington
Branch Coslett, Neurology, University of Pennsylvania
David Field, Psychology, Cornell University
Chris Li, Biology, City University of New York
Mark McCourt, Psychology, North Dakota State University