Sydney Corcoran

Master's Student
Sydney Corcoran standing on a rock


My name is Sydney Corcoran. I am an environmental scientist. I was born in the Great Plains, and I have lived across various regions of the country to study the environment. I am passionate about how ecosystems and their terrestrial systems interact. I was young when I noticed patterns in my environment. I thought it was interesting to play with the balance of nature. I bring this curiosity with me in my scientific endeavors today hoping to answer the question, why. I pursue hydrology to ask questions about the role of water within all systems. I received a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I am currently investigating the water balance succession of sagebrush ecosystems throughout the Great Basin with Dr. Scott Allen. I look forward to understanding the role of wildfire within the West with its impacts on water resources and land management. Outside of my research initiatives, I am a writer, yoga teacher, and artist. My art serves as a function to integrate science within art, and vice versa. In my teaching of yoga and meditation, I like to focus on the practice of finding self and truth. And in these practices can I somehow offer those the ability to see that science, art, and our role within both connected. I appreciate my approach to my studies, and I look forward to the opportunities ahead that allow me to ask technical scientific questions and serve the communities within them.