Isaac Bowers

Master's Student
Isaac Bowers


Isaac is a California native who moved to Reno in 2019, completing his bachelor's in chemistry after a 2.5-year stint in a nursing program. During his time in the chemistry program, he completed an undergraduate thesis focusing on the synthesis of a novel fluoro-organophosphate compound to study its electrocatalytic properties for application on hydrogen fuel cells. He has now switched gears to the Hydrogeology program, hoping to bring his chemistry background to a field where environmental concerns are ever-growing, taking part in research with Dr. Frank Yang to assist in characterizing pyrogenic organic compounds via chemical tagging. In his spare time, Isaac practices/teaches photography, snowboards, hikes and playing basketball.

Research Interests:

  • Chemical transport in the environment
  • Environmental chemical characterization
  • Cradle-to-cradle process design
  • Industrial impact on the environment
  • Environmental policy


  • B.S. in Chemistry, Professional Emphasis - University of Nevada, Reno