Nathan Chellman

Assistant Research Professor, Snow and Ice Hydrology
Nathan Chellman


My research is focused on developing and interpreting paleoclimate and pollution records primarily from ice cores, but also from lake sediments and tree rings. I am part of the DRI Ultra Trace Ice Core Analytical Lab that conducts high-resolution, continuous flow analysis of ice cores to investigate environmental change over recent centuries and millennia. Many of our projects involve interdisciplinary and international collaborations, for example with atmospheric scientists, historians, archaeologists or microbiologists, and most of our research is funded by the National Science Foundation. One specific research interest of mine is studying black carbon in ice, sediments, and the atmosphere using the Single Particle Soot Photometer instrument to better understand fire history and black carbon atmospheric transport.


Brown University, Sc.B. Geology-Biology, 2012

University of Nevada, Reno, M.S. Hydrology, 2016

University of Nevada, Reno, Ph.D. Hydrology, 2019