Who Should Apply to the Program?

Field Research

If you’re the type of person who wants to address real world problems by finding and applying practical solutions, our program will be a good fit for you. Our students are taking specific research output and applying it to environmental and health issues of the world. Taking very specific research findings and applying them requires the capability to perform in-depth investigations of issues and the ability to apply knowledge to develop solutions.

There are many avenues to take within our program due to the interdisciplinary collaboration of our faculty and the broad field of environmental science and health. Here are some examples of the wide ranging characteristics our students have:

  • A desire to get away from bench work and apply research to the outside world
  • An interest in influencing policy and working to make changes—to have a significant impact through regulatory work
  • Opportunities to travel and make meaningful connections world-wide—connecting with the environment they inhabit; ex. in our region we work on projects to reclaim and clean-up Lake Tahoe

We have students who love to work outdoors and look for a balance in their work between field studies and data analysis, and other students who enjoy modeling and computer work, for example, creating air quality modelers, doing GIS mapping, or finding health solutions through analysis of data from the county and state level.