Info for Prospective Students

Proteomics Researcher

What Makes Our Program in Environmental Sciences Unique?

  • Our students are working on applied science and developing practical solutions to existing issues.
  • As a student in our program, you’ll get a great deal of individual attention…our faculty-to-student ratio is almost 1:1!
  • Our location and climate, as well as our proximity to Lake Tahoe—the food sustainability research that we are doing in our high-desert climate is groundbreaking, and Lake Tahoe offers an ideal freshwater ecosystem to study natural resource conservation.
  • Other universities don’t offer our level of wide ranging expertise. Many of the other university programs in environmental science are a collaboration between just a few departments, whereas our program involves 14 different departments across four institutions.

What Attracts Students to Our Program?

The major attraction of our program is our faculty and their research—the mentors that students will be working with who are experts in their fields. There is a partnership relationship between our students and their advisers. Students contribute to the research being done by their mentor, and in some cases, the student’s prior experience will help broaden the faculty member’s research program to new areas.

As a prospective student, we encourage you to make a connection with a faculty member prior to applying, and to have experience in the areas of that faculty member’s research interests. Finding a mentor will help you map out the specific direction you want to go with your degree, and will increase the likeliness that you’ll succeed by knowing what type of projects you’ll be working on and whether there is funding for your degree.

We Cater to the Non-Traditional Student

Another attractive characteristic of our program is catering to the non-traditional students—those who have full-time employment and expect an extended period of time will be needed to complete their graduate degree. These students usually fund their own degree but still have a mentor who pays for their research costs.

We Want Our New Students to Feel At-Home

If you are relocating to Reno, this is a great area to live! Find out more information about our University, get to know our Reno and Lake Tahoe area and check out some of our regional highlights.

We want our students to be happy and successful and to feel welcomed into our program. For our incoming students, we’ll introduce you to a current student who can answer your questions about graduate school, where to look for housing, things to do for fun and anything else you want to know.