Faculty and Staff

Faculty & Staff

The Child & Family Research Center is a center in Educational Psychology, Counseling, and Human Development (ECHD) and operates under the guidance of a director and leadership team who are administrative faculty at the University of Nevada, Reno.

Classroom staffing includes classified staff and student employees, practicum students and volunteers from the community. Additionally, the Washoe County School District provides one teacher and a number of support staff to promote the inclusion of children with special needs. Child & Family Research Center staff members are certified in CPR and First Aid, and are required to have on-going training in child development and early childhood education.

Staff members also provide training for community child care providers and hold leadership positions in early childhood professional organizations.

General Information, Child Care Wait List

(775) 784-6762

Early Head Start Information

(775) 327-5100

Home Care Provider Information and Referrals

Michelle Gehlert
(775) 784-4400

Training Opportunities, Student Employment

Calena Long
(775) 348-9585

CFRC Staff

Michelle Gehlert

Campus Child Care Connections Coordinator
Phone (775) 784-4400
Fax (775) 327-5090
Mail Stop 0141
Office: Mackay Science 100
Email: mgehlert@unr.edu

Jamie Gehrman-Selby
Home Visitor Supervisor
Phone (775) 682-8480
Fax (775) 327-5866
Mail Stop 0392
Office: Nelson 117
Email: jselby@unr.edu

Marci Hosier-Behmaram
Education Manager & Family Engagement Coordinator
Phone (775) 333-5127
Fax (775) 327-5866
Mail Stop 0392
870 Sage St.
Email: marcih@unr.edu

Calena Long
Training Coordinator
Phone (775) 682-7641
Fax (775) 327-5090
Mail Stop 0141
Office: NEIS
Email: calena@unr.edu

Michelle Saunders
Assistant Director
Phone (775) 682-6842
Fax (775) 784-4241
Mail Stop 0141
Office: SFB 106
Email: saunders@unr.edu

LeAn Shelton
Family & Community Partnership Coordinator
Phone (775) 682-8487
Fax (775) 327-5866
Mail Stop 0392
Office: Nelson 116
Email: leans@unr.edu

Kelly Smith
CFRC Office Manager
Phone (775) 682-6847
Fax (775) 784-4241
Mail Stop 0141
Office: MS 100
Email: smithk@unr.edu

Jennifer Thornton
EHS Enrollment and Reporting Coordinator
Phone (775) 682-8489
Fax (775) 327-5866
Mail Stop 0392
Office: Nelson 113
Email: jennifer@unr.edu

Sherry Waugh
Director, CFRC
Phone (775) 682-6840
Fax (775) 784-4241
Mail Stop 0141
Office: SFB 118
Email: swaugh@unr.edu