Reduced Course Load Policy

Policy on Eligibility Of Students Taking a Reduced Course Load While Maintaining Full-Time Status

All students with disabilities are eligible to apply for special status, which if approved, allows them to take a reduced course load while maintaining full-time status. The approval of a reduced course load with full-time status is not a permanent status; students are not automatically eligible for this accommodation each semester. The request must be submitted and evaluated each term to determine the impact of the student's disability in terms of the demands of his/her proposed course schedule.

  1. Requests for reduced course loads are submitted to the Director of the Disability Resource Center with supporting documentation. Supporting documentation must include a diagnostic evaluation from an appropriate professional that is recent enough to evaluate the current impact of the disability.
  2. The Director evaluates the documentation and the request in terms of the impact of the disability and the demands of the student's current or proposed schedule and any recommendations or concerns on the part of any department.
  3. If the request is denied, the student may appeal the Director's decision through the standard accommodation grievance procedures.
  4. If approved, the Director of the Disability Resource Center will submit his/her recommendation for accommodation of a reduced course load along with complete documentation to the University Disabilities Committee.
  5. The student awarded reduced course loads with full-time status must maintain satisfactory progress toward a degree.
  6. Students awarded reduced course loads with full-time status are entitled to all the housing and service benefits enjoyed by full-time students, however special conditions of occupancy could be imposed. Assignments are made based upon the application date and the availability of space. Reduced course loads must be approved by May 1st each year for fall assignment.
  7. Students awarded reduced course loads with full-time status are entitled to participate in all Associated Student clubs and activities with full-time status eligibility.
  8. The approval of a reduced course load will result in an adjusted Federal financial aid package in accordance with regulations and in an effort to preserve the student's eligibility for aid. If aid has been disbursed prior to the reduced course load approval, consultation between the Director of the Disability Resource Center and Student Financial Services will determine whether or not a credit deficiency exists.
  9. Federal Stafford Loan Eligibility: Eligibility will be reduced according to the total number of credit hours taken in the full academic year.
  10. Federal Pell Grant Eligibility: Grants are prorated based on the number of credit hours taken.
  11. Students awarded reduced course loads with full-time status who have been awarded a scholarship may continue to receive funding with the approval of the donor or with the approval of Student Financial Services in the case of the University's general scholarship program.
  12. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), Division I: Regulations Section states: "The Eligibility Compliance Cabinet may waive the general satisfactory progress requirements for a learning disabled or handicapped student athlete when objective evidence demonstrates that the institution has defined full-time enrollment for that student athlete to be less than 12 credit hours to accommodate a student's learning disability or handicap." At the University of Nevada, Reno the University Disabilities Committee will determine a student's status. That information will be forwarded to the University of Nevada, Reno's Faculty Athletic Representative. The student athlete is still held to the same compliance standards and must complete 24 credit hours during the academic year.
  13. Upon the approval of the request by University Disabilities Committee, the Committee will notify in writing all departments and parties including Student Financial Services, Housing, Athletics and Graduate School (if applicable), as well as Academic Advisors.