Cybersecurity has enormous implications for economic development in Nevada, including industries such as banking, healthcare, data centers, and online gaming, all of which are increasingly important components of Nevada's economy. Cybersecurity also has important implications for our power grid as well as for the large and growing military presence in Nevada.

The Cybersecurity Center brings together expertise from a range of disciplines including political science, information systems, journalism, criminal justice, philosophy, psychology, history, and computer science and engineering.

Preparing the next generation of cybersecurity experts requires education and career development experiences in highly multidisciplinary research settings that are integrated with a curriculum that transcends the structures of the standard academic curriculum. The Center not only provides cutting-edge applied research on cybersecurity but will also provide educational resources for the state. The Center currently  participates in two undergraduate minors and a cross-disciplinary graduate certificate in cybersecurity. The students from these programs can contribute substantially to our workforce, and their availability will make Nevada a much more attractive destination for a broad range of industries.