Research and Laboratory Operations: Redouble our focus on safety

Nov. 17, 2020

This message was sent on behalf of Research & Innovation to subscribers of the University's ResearchNotes group email list.

Dear Colleague,

This is an important time for our state and our University community and operations relative to the spread of the novel coronavirus. Remarks by Governor Sisolak and the campus message by President Sandoval last week underscore this significant juncture. Our primary guidance for research, scholarly and creative activities remains in place: activities that can be or are being conducted remotely should remain in that mode, and we must strictly adhere to safety and social-distancing protocols.

For all research and laboratory operations taking place on campus or other University location, a site/project-specific plan to guide the safe conduct of this work, in its current scope and modality, is required to be in place. Please take the time to:

  • Revisit your plan(s), consider if adjustments are needed and review this information with your team, yet again. All changes should be approved by your Department Chair and Dean, and a copy forward to Research & Innovation, Asta Ratliff at
  • Revisit contingency planning and implement cross-training that would allow continued operations with minimal personnel in the event that a further ramp-down in operations in required.
  • Consult with your Department Chair or Dean as questions arise, and call on the services of Research & Innovation – including my office, Animal Resources, and Environmental Health and Safety – if we can assist.
  • Anticipate inquiries from student workers who are being directed to coordinate with their supervisors for guidance.

What a semester this has been, replete with challenges and uncertainty, yet also marked by impressive resilience and productivity. As was the case this summer, grant submissions and awards are up this fall, on a year-over-year basis. The important work being done includes vital research and outreach related to the novel coronavirus that is being conducted across a multitude of disciplines.

Thank you for supporting our research mission, serving our state and world, and for your flexibility, commitment and vigilance as we continue to move through this unprecedented time.


Mridul Gautam

Vice President for Research and Innovation
Ross Hall, Room 201
(775) 327-2363