Plan for recovery: Phase 2 follow-up

June 15, 2020

This message was sent to University of Nevada, Reno faculty and staff.

As we continue in Phase 2, I want to remind everyone there is a great deal of information available to help inform you and to clarify a few important points:

The University has implemented a number of Policies and Procedures for Phase 2 — as well as a Plan for Recovery from our divisions and units — that are designed to prioritize the health and safety of the campus environment while we fulfill our institutional missions of teaching, research and outreach. If you have questions regarding your division our unit’s Phase 2 recovery plans, please be sure to ask you supervisor or manager for further clarity.

In addition to the recovery plans for Phase 2, if you did not get a chance to attend the Employee Information Session on June 3 or the Academic Faculty Information Session on June 8, please be sure to listen to the recordings.

All employees are required to complete online training, General COVID-19 Training for University Personnel, with subject-specific modules appropriate for their group. Supervisors are required to complete the online Supervisor’s Training for COVID-19.

The original Daily Health Assessment form is now discontinued. It has been replaced by the Reentry to Campus Certification Form (COVID). This form replaces the Daily Health Assessment and only needs to be completed one time, not daily. The Reentry to Campus Certification form (COVID) will be used by most employees.

The COVID-19 Certification Form for Student Health, School of Medicine clinical practitioners and University Health staff is for medical practitioners seeing patients. Employees who have been working on campus and have been completing the Daily Health Assessment must complete the Reentry Campus Certification Form (COVID) one time. Once the form is completed, a supervisor can verify the completion of the form in Workday. Supervisors are responsible for ensuring this form is completed.

Processes and protocols continue to evolve, so please continue to visit the Coronavirus Information page.

In the days that have passed since we moved to alternative operations for the University in mid-March, your commitment to our University and the vital work that we are charged with doing has been simply extraordinary. Thank you for demonstrating to the State of Nevada why our University is one of Nevada’s most treasured assets.


Marc A. Johnson