Letter to state employees

Apr. 5, 2020

This message was sent by Governor Steve Sisolak to all Nevada state employees.

Just weeks ago, I met with my Cabinet to introduce a new initiative to implement my vision of a child-and family-centered Nevada government. I watched as leaders from agencies across Nevada government began to work together, drawing upon the expertise of our state employees to reach a common goal. It was the kind of collaboration that makes me proud to be your governor.

Unfortunately, since those meetings early this year, the unimaginable has happened. No one could have anticipated the magnitude of the COVID-19 pandemic, but I want to commend you all for your adaptability in facing this crisis. Whether you're teleworking, part of a limited team reporting to work each day, or doing your part to Stay Home for Nevada-you are each a vital part of ensuring continuity of government so that important services are still available to the public in these uncertain times. I thank you for your service to our communities and our state.

It will likely come as no surprise to all of you that due to the unprecedented COVID-19 public health crisis and the necessary mitigation efforts currently underway, Nevada's economy has suffered tremendously. As a result, we are headed into a new reality and need to take a different direction with our state budget that reflects this reality. One does not have to be a statistician or budget analyst to know that government budgets are taking significant hits. That is why I have asked the Governor's Finance Office to work with agencies to review budgets and make recommendations for budget reductions. In this unfortunate situation, we will make these difficult decisions together.

Many of you have been serving Nevada since before the Great Recession. Not that long ago, you took pay cuts--or went without salary increases-but continued to faithfully serve Nevada. Your skills, knowledge, experience, and devotion were critical to helping Nevada pull itself out of the Great Recession, and will continue to be critical as we work toward post-COVID-19 recovery.

In the little over a year since I took office, I have seen ample evidence of the extraordinary commitment of Nevada's state government workforce. And as I said in my inaugural address last January,

"For more than 150 years, Nevadans have been masters of defying expectations. We are dogged innovators, restless entrepreneurs, roll-up-our-sleeves pioneers. We turned desert into farmland, a sleepy settler town into a worldwide destination. We've never been daunted by hard work or hard times."

In Nevada, we have always been an example of the power of unity-we show up (or stay home) for our neighbors, colleagues, and loved ones. This crisis, although unique in many ways, is no different. Together, we will get through this.

Again, thank you for your service and dedication to Nevada.


Governor Steve Sisolak
State of Nevada