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UCED conducts applied and basic research studies, provides technical and management assistance services, offers counseling and referral services and sponsors workshops and seminars. UCED serves clients in both metropolitan and non-metropolitan areas in Nevada.  Clients may include state government, community, organization or trade associations and, in some cases, business and industry and individuals. When selecting clients and projects, preference is given to those with potential to substantially enhance regional employment and income levels.  To find out if UCED can assist you, contact Dr. Thomas Harris.

Applied Research

The UCED conducts substantial research studies that focus on clearly defined development problems.  Marketing studies, impact analyses, agribusiness studies, labor market studies, economic base studies and target industry analyses are among the applied research studies that UCED is prepared to undertake.

Basic Research

Nevada is a rapidly growing state; its economy is undergoing substantial changes as the state looks to advanced technology and a service-based future. The UCED is in a unique position to conduct broad based studies that deal with economic and demographic changes, development trends, diversification, strategic development planning and the implications of natural resource, environmental and economic policies.

Technical and Management Assistance

Municipal, county and state agencies, and local industry or development organizations seeking a quick response to focused problems in regional development planning can look to UCED staff and consultants for solutions.

Counseling and Referral Services

Regional development problems are often more complex than they first appear. UCED staff can help with the "scoping" for problems and approaches to problem solving.

Workshops and Seminars

The UCED organizes and conducts training and other professional educational programs ranging from introductory sessions on regional development and development planning to advanced programs that provide an in-depth treatment of specific development issues.


The UCED is a component of Nevada Cooperative Extension and is located in the Department of Applied Economics and Statistics, University of Nevada, Reno.  For additional information contact:

Dr. Thomas R. Harris, Director
University of Nevada, Reno
University Center for Economic Development
MS 204
Reno, Nevada  89557-0204
(775) 784-1931
FAX (775) 784-4082

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