Global Entrepreneurship and Public Policy Working Group

This working group is a joint effort between the Nevada Global Business and Economics Lab (NVGLOBE-L) and the International Division of the Nevada Governor's Office of Economic Development (GOED). The goal is to produce entrepreneurship related research from a public policy perspective and enrich the dialogue related to entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Nevada to spur growth, specifically growth of technology-based start-ups. Tech startups have long provided outsized contributions to economic growth for states and regions through high-wage employment, innovation, access to global markets, and productivity. One immediate goal of the working group is to produce a report that will provide an overview of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Nevada. Assessing shortfalls will be key in understanding where we can prioritize changes to make a more cohesive entrepreneurial Nevada and grow our start-up presence. It is also our plan to bring grant funding to support researchers and organize international events and lectures as part of the NVGLOBE-L Distinguished Lecture Series. There will be weekly meetings between members of the working group. Meetings with experts from UNR, GOED (and its Nevada Global platform) and our international partners will aid in the discussions.

Members of the Working Group


  • Dr. Mehmet Tosun, UNR College of Business, Department of Economics
  • Dr. Marcin Wojtysiak-Kotlarski, SGH Warsaw School of Economics


  • Dr. Pawel Pietrasienski, GOED International Trade Division
  • Sam Cline, GOED International Trade Division 


  • Avrey Callis (undergraduate student, International Affairs and Philosophy, UNR)
  • Katelin Gilbertson (undergraduate student, UNLV)
  • Oscar Lloyd (MBA student, UNR)
  • Ethan Olesinski (undergraduate student, Economics, UNR)