Nevada Global Business & Economics Lab (NVGLOBE-L)

NVGLOBE-L is a policy-oriented lab which focuses on applied research in business and economics, bringing together students and faculty from the University of Nevada, Reno and our international partner universities in joint research projects.


The vision of the UNR College of Business is “to be a premier business school that produces research and graduates that enable economic vitality and inspire positive change in Nevada and the world.”

The College of Business international programs are designed to build a global perspective in business and economics education. Our goal is to support the College by facilitating international faculty and student exchange programs, research collaborations, joint research symposia, study abroad programs, professional internships, international competitions, and other global outreach activities. To help with the college vision and our internationalization efforts, we are announcing this new international initiative.

Student Research Associates

Student Research Associates will learn about a variety of international topics, conduct research and have the opportunity to work with faculty, students and other staff from UNR and our partner universities and institutions.

As part of their work for the NVGLOBE-L, Student Research Associates will learn to:

  • Collect and analyze data
  • Apply empirical methods (surveys, statistics, econometrics, etc.)
  • Work with a faculty mentor, other students, and/or clients from UNR and international partners
  • Write professional reports including factsheets, policy briefs, business cases, journal articles
  • Present work in seminars, workshops and conferences

Distinguished Lecture Series

It is our pleasure to announce our new Distinguished Lecture Series. The series will feature speakers who have made significant contributions to policy research and practice in academia, government and the business world.

NVGLOBE-L Webinars

The University of Nevada, Reno, and the Subnational Governance/Decentralization Global Solutions Groups of the World Bank have joined forces to host an online conference series addressing the role of local governments in COVID-19 response.

Policy Briefs

This series features research on policy issues associated primarily with the projects undertaken by the working groups in NVGLOBE-L and the researchers in the College of Business.

Working Groups

Research conducted under NVGLOBE-L falls under thematic working groups. These working groups involve faculty, students and other scholars from our university and partner institutions.