Ph.D. in Business Administration (Management)


Program at a glance

  • Admission cycle: Fall
  • Application deadline: January 15 for full consideration
  • Assistantship types available: Teaching, research
  • Program director: James Sundali

Program overview

Beginning in the Fall of 2019, the dynamic and growing College of Business will offer a Ph.D. in Business Administration (Management). The Ph.D. program offers cutting-edge management training in theoretical foundations and quantitative methods in basic and applied research. The program will offer concentrations in organizational behavior, strategy, entrepreneurship, and behavioral decision making. The program also emphasizes interdisciplinary research and encourages collaborations with other disciplines such as economics, psychology, sociology, social psychology and neuroscience.

Faculty research specialties include:

  • Organizational Behavior
  • Leadership
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business Ethics
  • Strategy
  • Game Theory
  • Behavioral Economics
  • Behavioral Finance

What can I do with a Ph.D in Business Administration (Management)?

The program will train graduates to be competitive in pursuing careers in academia and industry. The academic jobs that graduates could pursue include becoming professors or positions in social science research centers and laboratories. Jobs prospects in industry would include opportunities with management consultants, executive level positions, survey firms, training and organizational development departments, and human resource managers among others.

Is funding available?

Doctoral students typically receive a research or teaching assistantship stipend. The stipend provides a competitive salary and a tuition waiver. Advanced students can supplement their stipend and gain valuable teaching experience by teaching a course or two during summer or winter sessions. 

The Office of Student Financial Aid & Scholarships is available to meet with any students needing information on federal- and state-based financial aid programs. For additional information on funding for graduate students, learn what funding is available through the Graduate School as well as external funding opportunities.

How do I apply?

All completed applications received by January 15 will be given full consideration. Review the admissions tab at the top of this page for application and admission procedures.

Additional Resources for Ph.D. Students


Contact the Ph.D. in Business Administration (Management) Director

James Sundali
(775) 682-9176


Application procedure

The Ph.D. in Business Administration (Management) program is governed by University of Nevada, Reno Graduate School requirements. All material should be submitted online through the Graduate School.

Applicants should submit the following:

  1. All required application materials as required by the Graduate School admissions requirements, including official transcripts from all previous educational institutions and GRE or GMAT scores. Applicants already possessing a Ph.D. are waived from the GRE or GMAT requirement.
  2. Three letters of recommendation from people familiar with the applicant's academic record and potential for doctoral work in management.
  3. Optional: Prospective students may elect to submit resumes and short examples of written work (articles published and/or working papers).

Candidates seeking assistantships should indicate their preference for teaching versus research assistantships in the University's application for graduate school admission.

International students

The TOEFL is required of international students: minimum score of 550 (paper), or 65 (Internet-based version), or 6.5 on the IELTS (must be academic version) test. International students must fulfill all University of Nevada, Reno Graduate School requirements.

For international student information, please consult the Office of International Students and Scholars.

Application deadlines

To be considered for Fall semester, all materials must be received by January 15.


Contact the Ph.D. in Business Administration (Management) Director

James Sundali
(775) 682-9176


Program completion requirements

Candidates for the Doctor of Philosophy degree must satisfy all general requirements of the Graduate School. In addition, students must complete a minimum of 72 hours of graduate credits including at least 48 hours of course work. At least 30 of the course credits should be at the 700 level, and at most 24 should be dissertation credits as required by the Graduate School.

After the end of the second year, every student must pass one comprensive written and oral exam in the theory management and related disciplines prior to the beginning of the third year.

The students will be allowed a maximum of two attempts at the comprehensive exam. Each exam can be passed at MS level (low pass) or PhD level (high pass). To proceed with the Ph.D. program the exam must be passed at the Ph.D. level. Otherwise, if the exam is passed at the MS level, the student, if the academic record warrants it and the graduate studies committee approves of it, will end her/his program with a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degree.

After passing the comprehensive exams, the student will complete a dissertation supervised by a full-time faculty member in the Management Department and approved by the student's thesis committee, followed by an oral public presentation and defense. The thesis is then submitted for the Graduate School and institutional approval.

Ph.D. course requirements (72 credits)

Required Courses Credits Status (Existing unless noted)

  • BUS 701 Organizational Behavior - 3 credits
  • BUS 702 Strategic Management - 3 credits
  • BUS 703 Managerial Decision Making - 3 credits
  • BUS 704 Leadership - 3 credits
  • BUS 705 Theory of Entrepreneurship - 3 credits
  • BUS 706 Intermediate Statistics I - 3 credits
  • BUS 708 Research Methods in Management I - 3 credits
  • BUS 710 Behavioral Game Theory - 3 credits
  • BADM 700 Statistics for Decision Making - 3 credits
  • BUS 798 Graduate Research - 3 credits
  • BUS 799 Dissertation Research - 24 credits

Elective Courses

  • BUS 707 Intermediate Statistics II - 3 credits
  • BUS 709 Advanced Research Methods - 3 credits
  • BUS 711 Culture and Management - 3 credits
  • ECON 655 Industrial Organization - 3 credits
  • ECON 741 Applied Econometrics - 3 credits

Representative schedule by semester for Ph.D. in Business Administration (Management)

Courses listed are three credit unless otherwise noted.

  • Fall 1 BUS 701 Organizational Behavior
  • Fall 1 BUS 702 Strategic Management
  • Fall 1 BADM 700 Statistics for Decision Making
  • Spring 1 BUS 703 Managerial Decision Making
  • Spring 1 BUS 706 Intermediate Statistics I
  • Spring 1 BUS 708 Research Methods in MGT I
  • Fall 2 BUS 704 Leadership
  • Fall 2 BUS 705 Theory of Entrepreneurship
  • Fall 2 BUS 707 Intermediate Statistics II or ECON 741 Applied Econometrics
  • Spring 2 BUS 710 Behavioral Game Theory
  • Spring 2 BUS 709 Advanced Research Methods or Approved Res. Methods Elective
  • Spring 2 BUS 711 Culture and Management or ECON 655 Industrial Organization
  • Fall 3 Approved 700 Level Elective
  • Fall 3 Approved 700 Level Elective
  • Fall 3 BUS 799 Dissertation
  • Spring 3 Approved 700 Level Elective
  • Spring 3 BUS 799 Dissertation - 6 credits
  • Fall 4 Approved 700 Level Elective
  • Fall 4 BUS 799 Dissertation - 6 credits
  • Spring 4 BUS 799 Dissertation - 9 credits

Transfer of Graduate Coursework from Master's Programs

Students who have completed a Master’s degree prior to enrolling in the Doctoral program may transfer up to 24 credits of graduate coursework with a grade of “B” or better, including up to 18 credits of 700-level credits to partially fulfill elective requirements. The Program director and the Dean of the Graduate School must approve these credits.


Contact the Ph.D. in Business Administration (Management) Director

James Sundali
(775) 682-9176


Tuition Cost Calculator and Funding

Tuition for the doctoral degree in Business Administration (Management) will vary depending on the number of courses needed and the background of the student. Here are several steps you can follow to understand the cost of the program and the funding opportunities available.

International Students


Contact the Ph.D. in Business Administration (Management) Director

James Sundali
(775) 682-9176


Management PhD Faculty

Rafik Beekun Photo

Rafik Beekun
Professor of Management, Ethics and Strategy

Jinyu Hu

Jinyu Hu
Assistant Professor of Management

Dan Jones headshot

Dan Jones
Assistant Professor of Management

Frances McKee Ryan

Frances McKee Ryan
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs & Administration
Associate Professor of Management

Mark Packard

Mark Packard
Assistant Professor of Management

Garret Ridinger

Garret Ridinger
Assistant Professor of Management

Yvonne Stedham Photo

Yvonne Stedham
Professor of Management

James Sundali Photo

James Sundali
Professor of Strategic Management

Current Cohort

Current Management PhD Cohort

Qifan Chen Photo

Qifan Chen

My name is Qifan Chen, and I am a Doctoral student in the Management Department at the University of Nevada, Reno. I have a background in Finance and International Relations. My current research is mostly focused in the areas of Decision Making, Behavioral Finance, and Corporate Governance. I primarily teach the Core Capstone class Strategic Management & Policy. I enjoy swimming and hiking in my free time. I also love traveling.

Tanurima Dutta photo

Tanurima Dutta

I have worked as an Assistant Manager (Compliance) in a financial services firm in India prior to joining the PhD program at UNR. I also worked as a Management Trainee in an Indian Governmental Undertaking, responsible for the regulatory compliance of the company. 

Masters in Accounting & Finance, 2014 (University of Calcutta, India)
Bachelors in Accounting & Finance, 2017 (St. Xavier's College, Kolkata, India)
Associate Company Secretary (ACS), 2016 - Institute of Company Secretaries of India (Licensed member) 

Research interests: Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Leadership with a focus on top management team demography and personality dimensions, CEO compensation

Dameon Meeks

Dameon Meeks has a background in accounting and auditing for State government. She has an MBA from UNR College of Business. Her research interests include decision making, public policy and ethics.

Heather Patchell photo

Heather J. Patchell 

Heather J. Patchell is a graduate student at UNR in the Business Administration: Management PhD program. She currently holds two Master's degrees in Psychology (California State University, Sacramento) and Social Psychology (University of Nevada, Reno). During her time at CSUS and UNR Heather has taught several undergraduate business courses including, Seminar in Quantitative Management, Organizational Behavior, Research Statistics, and Employee Selection in Organizations. Heather has also worked as an internal and external consultant for 12+ years in the field of employee selection and Equal Opportunity. Her current research interets include the intersection of Psychology and Business processes, including managerial decision-making, ethics, and strategic leadership practices.

Courtney Smith photoCourtney D. Smith

-Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Management Major and Accounting Minor, UNR 2013
-Master of Business Administration, UNR 2014
-Juris Doctor, University of Kansas 2017
-Generally my interests are in strategic management, organizational behavior, and mindfulness.

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